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    Why the farmers are throwing away the tomatoes and destroying them for want of right price ?

    I have been getting video news items and even images on social media that Rohtas based farmers are dumping the tomatoes on the road and running vehicles over it to protest against not getting the best MSP on tomatoes. This time the tomato crop has been huge and being perishable commodity tomatoes cannot be stored for long days. Hence there is a compulsion on the part of farmers either to get right price or destroy the tomatoes on the road before the market yard Rohtas. But they could have freely distributed to the poor !
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    This is a way of showing their anguish and unhappiness for not getting a good price for their crop. Earlier also this type of incidents happened in different places. When the commodity is abundant in the market the prices will automatically come down. So the farmers are not able to get the price at least equivalent to the expenses they have incurred during the cultivation of the crop. That will make them get irritated and do these types of issues. It will be good as suggested by the author if they donate these crops to poor for their use. But when the people are in anguish they will not get these types of thoughts.
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    When I was very young (around 10 years old), then I read a news-items which stated that in America, the farmers threw away various vegetables worth crores of dollars so that they get the fair price of their agricultural products. At the same time, in India, there was an acute scarcity of those vegetables including potato that particular year. I was shocked reading that article. Later I read many such news-items and saw many videos/tv reports where farmers destroy their products and scarcity of those products in other parts of the country/world.

    Now I am no longer get shocked by such articles, but even now I feel the pain because of failure of the distribution system. Is this failure intentional? Time has come to think about it.

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    Here farmers are also to be blamed. Why because all the farmers ape one another and produce the same crop and when the yield is bumper, the market is flooded and the rate goes down.
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    When the requirement is only 100, and if we produce 1000, this is what will happen. Tomato being a perishable item, no commission agent in the market will be ready to buy the excess tomatoes and preserve it in their godown. Ultimately, they will have to throw it on the roads. It is either the farmers or the marketers to throw away the unsold tomatoes. Anything excess to the requirement is a waste. This is the fate of tomatoes and the tomato growers.
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    But tomato farmers must be persuaded by the market yard experts to advise and have supporting crop to meet the urgent financial requirement other than producing tomato.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do justify the suggestions as given by Mr. Mohan.

    But the thing happening to someone else & the scenario of this happening to ourselves, if compared then would be having contrasting figure. This is something that we have kept on looking for but when we reached there then it was not all the way as expected. It is frustration that comes out.

    It is just the mental positioning of the individuals. And this is the case to anyone else including us.

    Pl. mind the experience & the suffocation that even & still they have nowhere to go instead of continuing with the same.

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    Tomatoes cannot be kept for more than 3 days by the average farmer without the access of good storage facilities.People who live in Karnataka are familiar with the woes of the farmers would dump tomato crops on the highways or the streets in many areas like Kolar etc. This happens almost every year.

    The is a supply and demand mismatch with no good storage facilities of cold storage etc for this highly perishable vegetable. We read about reports wherein farmers leave the tomato crop in the field because the price of harvesting is not worth the selling price.

    Every now and then we get to hear of the profit raked in by middlemen for potatoes, onions and tomatoes were in the poor farmers for Kolar, Dharwad etc have to suffer. The Government promises support price and tomatoes are even exported. We need to just study the expected yield and how to handle the excess a few weeks earlier itself rather than harvesting the perishable crop and then thinking what to do with surplus.

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