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    Railway saloon coach.

    These railway saloon coaches were available only to top officials of Railway department when they go on an official trip to remote places in our country. Indian railways are having around 336 such coaches.These coaches will have two AC bedrooms with attached bathrooms.TV is also available in the coach. A full-fledged kitchen will be there and a special dining room will also be available.The pantry attached to this coach will have different dishes for eating during the travel.There will be special attendants for the passengers. Anyone can book this coach for any route in India. Two families and up to 6 passengers can travel for 5 days in this coach. Anyone can book this coach for 5 days. The cost will be around Rs.2,00,000/- per one trip. This can be booked from any important railway station and in any route, you can book.
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    Novel method of inviting the tourists to have more glimpse of India and heritage by providing salon coaches on Indian Railways. But what I feel that two lakh rupees for five days is very high and short period to appreciate the Importance of India. For example if a tourist want to tour the entire South India, the temples are more and the time consumed is also high. Moreover all the big places are not connected by train and hence the tourist may miss important temples and tourist spots. The railways must think India users too for this salon and reduce the price and the duration be increased.
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    Sounds like the extension of the idea that used to be seen in the Golden Chariot or Golden Heritage trains. This is luxury and opulence like a 3 star hotel accommodation or private suite on wheels.

    Reports indicate that around 62 of these 336 are airconditioned. This is a good idea, maybe overseas visitors would be the ones to avail this service or the well healed Indian elite. But this would be worthwhile if someone is travelling via the picturesque routes of the country that has views of forests, mountain ranges, hill stations and the coastline.

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    Appreciation for the government to come up with all those ideas in order to facilitate & create some brand image. This has been added that coaches would be available only to the top officials of Railway department when they go on an official trip to remote places.

    Does this mean that this is not for promoting tourism industry? And if this is the case then what would be the major achievement in this regard as we already having rest houses wherever the Indian Railways has a reach. So much expense for the Indian officials only.

    I don't get about how this is going to benefit the railways.

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