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    A good place for book reading lovers.

    Many people who are interested in reading books will go to the library and spend many hours together while going through the books of their interest. People who are in research activities may spend days together in the library to get the full understanding of the subject they are working.Sometimes they feel if there are separate rooms to continue their reading. This type of lodging facilities are being provided by Gladstone Library in Northwales of Britain. In this library, there are fully furnished rooms for reading lovers. By paying the prescribed fee the readers can book these rooms. They can take books from the library to read to their rooms. The library takes care of all requirements of the people during their stay there. I expect such facility may come shortly in our Indian libraries also.
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    That is a totally new information for me. I sincerely hope that such concept is available in our country also. But the budgetary allocations (in every state) for the library is decreasing year after year. So, for now, this is only a distant dream in India.
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    By the way the concept of creating a boarding and lodging just to read the books is a welcome step but in India it would be misused for actual love making instead of reading the books. The lovers who were now hopping in gardens and parks would park their love making process inside the four walls in the guise of studying the books. However I do appreciate the novel idea behind this. But again some people have the habit of going to sleep immediately reading a book or story. So the place would be more used for relaxation than getting knowledge. Still the concept was new and refreshing.
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    A nice concept for book lovers. In England there are many places in the English rural/countryside that have tranquility and plenty of greenery that attracts many nature lovers. This concept of library and stay would have a history to it. They often offer bed and breakfast which would add on to the experience. It would be interesting to know the contents of this library ( It's more like to be English history related)

    We can find many places in England that are like heritage buildings and it takes a huge amount of money to maintain and staff them. They rely on the royal grants to upkeep them. One of the other ways to earn revenue is to open the buildings to public for visits and stays.

    National Trust (England) is one such group that takes on these ancient houses and keep them as attractions. Trelissick Gardens, Cornwall is one such attraction, where in visitors can stay in to enjoy the beauty and have a nostalgic experience of the early century.

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    Really a good thing and hope to start this type of facilities in India also. This type of facility is available in almost every developed country. They insist the public read book and develop the reading habit. India is far away from such type of activities which is essential for the personal development and for the development of the country.
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    Today, 23rd April 2018 is World Book Day, UNESCO has organised this day since 1995. It is to promote reading including copyright and publishing events.

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    I do feel that this is also in our country already. I admit that this is not in that bigger functioning but still can be found anywhere wherein this is in demand.

    During the time I was in the college or the university, the institution provided me with this facility with an annual fee paid at once at the time of admission. In addition, the future is not secure for these as we got the electronic instruments in our hands. I am referring to the Notepad or the laptop. The good thing is that the student is finding their smart phone suitable for this job too.

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