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    Why we are all critics first and appreciators next ?

    We Indians are having a very bad habit of criticizing others in the first instance and later appreciating them for having achieved any goal or accomplishment. For every good work done by another person, we critically analyze his way of approach to the winning situation and bring in the demerits thus spotted by us. Though the person gets annoyed over such negative comments, he does realize the importance or otherwise of reviews by others. And, very few people appreciate someone on the face at the first instance and that would bring an instant glow to our behavior and attitude too. What do you think about this?
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    It is a natural human tendency all over the globe that we react to the statements of others and try to counter them by our logic. It is only after a long discussion or confrontation that we agree or the other person agrees to our opinion.

    This happens everywhere in all circumstances and as some people do not like such verbal fights they simply avoid them by keeping mum.

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    Generally, somebody did a good work we should appreciate him first for the good work. Then if we feel that some points are missing and that can be improved upon we can tell him point by point in a detailed way how you feel that the suggestions given bu you are better. This type of constructive criticism will make the people improve their knowledge and work.
    Many times some of the people criticise unnecessarily our of jealous. I think one need not worry about such criticism. But if there is something really is there which will definitely improve our performance we should go for that improve our knowledge.
    If we admire a person for his work he will get motivated and try to perform at a higher level. But unnecessary criticism will make him demotivated and may not progress much because of demotivation.Sometimes some people try to boast us too much which is never good for the progress.

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    Yes, I fully agree with the author and it is human nature. We always criticise first and then appreciate. We Indian live informal life and always try to say which is in our heart but the other person lives formal life and tries appreciate the work of others to show his attitude. So, there is nothing wrong we should wait when the people feel or come to know the truth they will certainly appreciate our work.
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    "We Indians are having a very bad habit of criticizing others ..."

    I don't think we Indians are so bad in showing our appreciations! Apart from that not all appreciations on "face" is genuine!

    We often keep appreciating other country and their disciplines, their cleanness and their timing. Even if two rivals meet at public functions, they don't fight or criticise but show to others as if they are true friend. However, there are few people who act like that or behave as per the author as mentioned in this thread but again these "few people" don't make one India or country.

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    It's easy to criticise, we start at home by commenting badly about the food or dish made by mother, sister or daughter-in-law. We criticise our children for not scoring well for not finding a job etc. It's just so easy to do it and we add on to the misery that the person is already facing.

    It takes maturity, an open mind and experience in life for one to develop the habit of appreciating good work and applaud the person so that he/she can feel happy. There are some people who instead of appreciating, discourage deserving people who have done something good.

    People who criticise often should put themselves in the situation of the person and see what they would have done. This helps them to overcome the urge to criticise everything they come across. For instance, a teacher criticising the student who is a poor performer should analyse why this is happening and help the student with tips, extra class or remedial class, talk with parents etc. Such an approach would help us the critics to be more meaningful people who can bring a change.

    Lastly, we should also learn to take constructive criticism in good spirit and not always expect appreciations only.

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    Well this not being the case for all times & also not applicable to all individuals in the first place. But yes we having an impression of this on our society.

    There are two ways wherein we can elate ourselves or prove ourselves better. One way is to keep doing the good job & leave others behind while at the same time moving ahead to attain the destiny. The another way is through which we make ourselves ahead is to pull others back then we already ahead of others.

    This is because of the fact that we are still far away from our culture while gets fascinated to adopt the culture not related to us. For example we feel more elated when speaking English but feel down when using Mother tongue.

    We are surrounded by more negative things around us in comparison to the positive things. This need to get changed in the first place.

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