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    India must close the beating the retreat at Wagah as our Nation is being insulted from other side ?

    The Pakistan is the rogue nation and the citizens are fools who keep on provoking India for no fault of us. Pakistani cricketer Hasan Ali's latest stunt at Wagah-Attari border just reiterates that this beating retreat is hateful and should be done away with immediately . India and Pakistan have enough jingoism as it is. This kind of hate gestures from the cricketer also brings the fresh demand that we should not play cricket with that country either directly or indirectly in future as prestige of our country is at stake by such cheap gimmicks.
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    The fact is that we can't negotiate the terms in black & white. Only the diplomatic way through which we can initiate the process. Another way in which we can initiate the step is to weaken the country to an extent that this gets broken further to even smaller states.

    The good thing is that we have gone a good distance but still a long way to go.

    Even the problem exists in our political unity. Our political chemistry is such that any party doesn't go the same way. If this was possible then the situation at the border would never had existed.

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    Really this is very disturbing. All these days even though there is a problem between the two nations, there is no enmity between the players. But with this Pakistani cricketer Hasan Ali's latest stunt at Wagah-Attari border the differences will start. The neighbouring nation always trying to do something or other which will raise the tempers of the people. These days our country started giving strong replies to their unwanted actions and hence there is some improvement in the system. But provoking deeds like this will again create problems and as mentioned by the author chances playing between the two countries will further go down.
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    India government may be sober and has the reason to be distancing from such cheap acts, but citizens who are coming across such cheap gimmicks are bound to react and that would happen in plenty.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The way the Pakistani cricketer gestured and cheered by the people there, my blood was burning to act instantly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The ceremony at the Wagah border seems to be meaningless to me. It raises tempers on both the sides. It is better that it may be stopped.
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    Can I have my say? The ceremonial retreat at the Wagah Border need to continue. It is not just a ceremony, it is the reminder of the fact that we respect each other. Let it be Pakistan and India, any foreign aggression can be stalled only if we stay together. We must understand the importance of our geographical position and need to be aware of the same. The final result of what we conceive about the two nations is very important and the thought should always be there in our mind. Let not religious bias affect our thought process.
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    The ceremony held in the India-Pakistan border is like eating special Biriyani at Wagah gate. Just because of this incident, why should we stop eating Biriyani and eat ordinary Chapathi? Hope the members understood what I meant.

    Pahalom ko jintha math karo. Don't stop the ceremony at Wagha border, but stop playing cricket with Pakistan.

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    No one is talking about religion here or indicated religious thought. We are talking about a country point of view where a Pakistani Civilian who is not supposed to be there at parade, mocked the Indian. We are talking about this Mr. Editor and as an Indian we felt it insulted. However, I agree with your point that we should not stop the ceremony on this ground. In fact we should continue with it, let them show their ugly face to the world. We know when time will come we can show much better performance than the Cricketer.

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    The thread talks about Pakistan being a rogue nation (first sentence). That is perfectly admissible to the Forum Editor. But if I tell that Pakistanis are indecent, that attracts punishment (minus ten points). What type of logic is this? I fail to understand.

    But such things do happen to the students who occupy the back benches (oops, to the Members who are in the hit list). I am habituated to it since my childhood.

    [Another minus ten? I am waiting with bated breath!]

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