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    Death penalty for Rape

    Even death penalty seems to be a lesser punishment for those indulging in heinous crimes like child sexual abuse and rapes. Still after so many cases which can be considered rare of the rarest because of the inhumanity they had our country hesitates in bringing a bill seeking the death penalty for such criminals and implement it completely.
    People give many opinion and argument about why it is wrong to have the death penalty for this crime.
    And how does it will not have any effect on the criminal minds? How it will lead to more such heinous crime. But can they give the same argument if these incidents may have involved any of their family members?
    I don't know whether this will bring any impact on criminal mindsets of such criminals or not but one thing is sure this country need to set few examples of punishment given to such criminal which could be remembered every time a person has a wrong intention towards women and child.
    But since now there is no punishment bigger than death penalty so, it is the less but still most appropriate punishment for such criminals. And the ordinance which the president has signed recently about this issues should be supported by the whole nation.
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    Well all these weeks the opposition were in its shouting best in the social media and electronic media that the government has failed and sought justice for rape victims. Now that the ordnance has been made and even passed by the President, protesters are voicing lesser punishment to the rapists and should not be harsh. And the author tells that more than death penalty punishment must be imposed. Nevertheless no other government at the center had the guts to bring an ordnance that immediately and made as a law forthwith. So instead of blame game let us appreciate the government and see break from rapes.
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    Ms. Neelam, we are already discussing this in another live thread. Kindly put up your response in that thread.
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    It is good that the government has come out with a good ordinance to save the female children from the people who are having no humanism. Even I also feel that death penalty may not be sufficient for them. They should be brought to the public and allow the public to kill him. Otherwise, the other people will not understand the problem. Once they see the treatment these people got at least some people may run away from such deeds. There should not be any mercy on these people who don't have a little concern towards the females.
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    Arguing for or against the death penalty for rape itself will be a heated GD. I'll just comment on this.

    If you look at the situation in India, it is worsening at an alarming rate, more and more children are minors are the targets, the law system is so porous that the perpetrator can get away easily.

    For the victim's side, it is still a social stigma, even if they come forward, cases or not registered, even if FIR is registered, the investigation can be modulated and finally, the suffering of the victim and the family is a prolonged misery that only they can understand. So, we need to make a start to put a full stop somewhere, yes human rights are important, but if the very same rights and life are threatened and taken by another fellow human then we should put his argument aside and deal the final blow swiftly.

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    If we do some research & come out with the analysis about what leads to the occurrences of rapes then this would seem illogical for being presented with the death penalty for the culprits.

    In no way that I would to like to support this. -

    We got the mind filled with something like these on a particular point of time & not always carrying the same. This happens when one is given the free hand & the others are not allowed & kept all the way in boundation. This unbalancing acts leads to the occurrences of such incidences. This has been the case so far & will continue to exist in the future as well. The more the gap,the more would be the intensity of these crimes.

    And I do feel that politics must be kept from any of these which is not happening.

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    Awarding death penalty to such intolerable crimes is not enough but if the effect is not there mere paper award cannot do anything and the same such crimes are continuing. Unless one or two awards got effected wise, the fear in crime doers, sorry thinkers will be there. There is no need for appeal etc., as the first judge him/herself awarded the award after wise inquiry.

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    perfect review

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