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    How do we stop this hatred towards other religions?

    Though one does not need to name the party, the so-called National Party, which aims at making a huge dent in terms of maximizing the Hindu vote, does something very nasty to other religions. Violent members of the party, criticize members of the Muslim community and its leaders, day in and day out. They also go out of the way at harming the Christians by damaging their churches.[(sentence edited)]

    The common man is dazed. He or she does not have any answer to this violence. Those who raise their voice against this party, are quickly termed anti-national. This is to imply that only Hindu values are very sacred, and that only Hinduism as a religion is the most acceptable or desirable.

    Most violent conflicts in India, in the past forty years, is all due to the violence unleashed by this particular party. There has been violent reactions from militants belonging to other religions. The major question is: how do we stop this hatred? How do we go about educating our masses that such hatred will do our society no good, and take us through the path of ruin?

    How do we educate our younger generation about the dangers associated with this hatred, that includes moral policing about what to dress, or how to behave in public. What can be done, in the most meaningful and purposeful manner?
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    A common man will never have any hatred for other religion or caste. If you see the society they all move close and they never bring in their religion or caste in between their friendship. But this is not liked by the political parties. These days the most violence between two religion people is mainly due to the political leader's involvement only. But this problem is not only with one party. All parties will have this. In our country, many parties support other than Hindu religion people under the guise of minorities and they abuse the Hindu people to get their votes and improve their vote bank. A Hindu temple's property can be handled by the government but not the places of worship of other religions. Why this discrimination. Being a Hindu is a sin in this country. The political leaders have to think and see thst Hindus are also treated on par with other religious people. Otherwise, the people will go for converting their religion and Hindus will become minorities in India.
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    It is good to have a religion and follow it for individual spiritual growth or attainment of peace but using it to spread hatred and create fighting between the different groups is really a shameful act and good citizens refrain from it.

    It is very very unfortunate that some politicians exploit the religious sentiments of the public and pursue their selfish motives. They provoke religious hatred and communal war between the groups and practice politics in the aftermath.

    The public should understand this fact and do not get influenced by these politicians.

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    Well normally people wont hate others just like that. When events happen and the rights of a religion is taken away and given to other religion the blood gets boiled and our BP shoots up. Just few minutes back I had started a forum thread where in a Christian MLA in AP has been roped in as the committee member of the TTD ie the worlds richest temple in rituals and also money earning and that brought immediate criticism across the Hindus and agama shastras. Now the problem comes when she has to take oath and say she would believe Hinduism and follow. But I doubt she wont. So such acts from government force us to repent and blast.
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    The best and the immediate solution, though not permanent, is to throw the present government out of power in a conclusive manner in the coming general elections. The BJP and RSS combine has spoiled the atmosphere in the country. The people of all religions are living in a peaceful and harmonious way. The ideology of these two is not good for the country. They are trying to split the people on a communal basis. The younger generations should be made aware of respecting a person by his character but not religion.
    Yesterday there was a news item where a person who claims to belong to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad tweeted that he canceled a cab ride as the driver was a Muslim. It is people like this that are more dangerous to the humanity. This is the height of religious fanatism and is on the rise in our country. Such tendencies are to be curtailed in the bud. This is for the good of the country and the future generations.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Ohhh! I have to come back again! ''Yesterday there was a news item where a person who claims to belong to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad tweeted that he canceled a cab ride as the driver was a Muslim''---Just before/after Ram Navami, in Kolkata, a man of a particular community insulted a cab driver because the driver had a small icon of Lord Hanuman in his cab. That is a perfect example of many communities living harmoniously in India.
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    This post needs an independent and realistic approach. Most of us are from one or the other religion. But majority do not attempt to react various threads posted here with a religious mind, even if the thread is related to a religious problem. Exceptional cases may be there.
    Those who always see every action is related to a particular religion, this tendency will continue.
    Actually for the welfare of the country every citizen should get the needful benefits. There should not be any class distinction. Actually what happens if an individual or a family follow a particular way of living. There should not be any restriction in the rights in adopting a particular method of living, if it is not creating any disturbance to others. One may go to a temple or a church or a mosque or any other worship place. Or one may not visit any of these, still what is there to worry ? We have a secular democracy and our constitution guarantee this. Any action against this is unconstitutional.

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    There will be fanatics in all the religions. Such persons should not be encouraged by anyone. They should be made to understand that religion is the personal choice and to be honored.
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    But some opportunistic fanatics only talk about fanatics of a particular camp and ignore fanatics of opposite camps. Such opportunistic fanatics who give selective publicity are the most terrible and dangerous fanatics. They force simple, common people to join fanatical camps.
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    After reading this thread, I felt that the thread is talking only about one way. When we know every action has its opposite reactions, if we go by this universal law, no action happened automatically or its own. Appeasing religious groups is a part of our Indian Politics, its been since years we have seen how different other than BJP political parties are dividing people for its votes. The dividing people with based on their religion is an old history and nothing new. However, the hatred feeling is seeded years back when even BJP was not even existed. Every political party is supporting one or other religious group just for their vote.

    "Those who raise their voice against this party, are quickly termed anti-national. This is to imply that only Hindu values are very sacred, and that only Hinduism as a religion is the most acceptable or desirable. "

    I don't agree with the author in fact talking against Hinduism is called a true patriot. Talk against Hindu and you are the most secular people but if you for them you are not! This is what is happening for years.

    "There has been violent reactions from militants belonging to other religions. "

    I feel this sentence has been unnecessarily brought up for this discussion. We know who the militants are and how and from where they operated. Just because BJP has the Government, you can not justified the work for these militants.

    One more point I would like to mention here that the people of India are no more a fool voters. Whoever will not work for the betterment for this country will be out from the Government. It has happened to the Congress and if BJP do not do well, they too will be out like how previous Government gone.

    Let's not divide ourself for this politics, that's all I would like to say and end this topic.

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    We need to be more flexible whilst at the same time not interfering & raising for any existential issue with other belief. The religion or the belief who is not believing in this is a threat to communal activities. That due to political motives the leader gets easily intimated with local violence.

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    I don't believe that youngsters ever had this thought of making opinions of people based on their religion. There is no such discrimination at all. But I feel, what happens with people is, if they do not have a good experience with the people of any other religion, they don't blame the people, but their religion, and why so? We all say that all religions are equal, still, we create differences with each other in the name of our religions, can't it depend upon the nature of a person? I have noticed this type of attitude at individual level also.
    Not only the political parties or their people have this behavior. Even we the common man, follow it. We need religion for growth, to have faith in God with different names. But It should not be a mode to divide humanity.
    We should think deeply about this thought.

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    To get or retain the power / seat, you would see such issues or dramas often from very few. Be patient. Yes, unfortunately innocent will be in trouble, sometime.

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    If every religion and persons belonging to those religion mind their own religion without poking nose at other religion, then there are every chance of deescalating tension on this count.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Though we respect our religion the most we do not hate the other religions. It's media which spread this type of news. In the whole day when and which time you feel that somebody is hating our religion. I have never felt that somebody is hating my religion. I have also observed a drive always provide respect to any temple or mosque on the road. We do not have time to think about our own religion then how can we get time to hate the other religion? A common man only wants to think about his family and he also has a lot of other works. I strongly want to say that media is responsible for all this situation.
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    'They also go all out of the way at harming the Christians by damaging their mosques.'
    This needs editing, please.

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    This thread seems completely biased towards one party and religion again a show of being a pseudo-secularist.
    I really don't understand why people consider a person, especially a Hindu, praising his religion as anti-muslim or anti-secularist whereas a Muslim preaching the same is considered following his religion.
    Aren't their incidents involving Hindus going through the same situation in a Muslim majoritarian place but these incident does not get highlighted by the mainstream media why?
    because the channels showing such news are labeled as following Hinduism agenda.
    And answer to your question is the day we will stop appeasing a particular community for the vote bank politics while neglecting the rights of the majority community, such incidents may stop.
    Aren't Parsi a minority community, Have you ever heard a case involving them in any violent incident.Being the smallest minorities in the country they are one of the biggest contributors to our economy but they never seek any reservation, relaxation or special consideration neither any conflict of this community arises.

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    When it comes to religion and ideologies, most people have their own preferences but do not interfere much into the affairs of each other.

    We have temples and mosques/Churches both visited during certain festivals around the country as a symbol of brotherhood. I was glad to see some tweets from Muslim brothers disliking the antics of the cricketer at the Waga border. Generally, most of the public live in harmony side by side except at testing times.

    These testing times are instigated by fanatics on both sides. Sadly, many politicians (mis)use the potentially destructive isolated events to flame communal violence. The good things is majority of the voters don't fall for this.

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    You can accuse me of being intolerant but Indian Hindus are highly insecure. The modern ones that is. Every single attempt or reform by the non-Hindu minority triggers this majority and cause them to revolt internally. This bitterness was at its peak in two of the times.
    One during the wretched partition. Two being the Babri Masjid crisis. Hindus especially are being found to be intolerant against Muslims than Christians. Well....Muslims are greater than Christians in population after all. And also...Muslims live in their religious communities. You can find colonies with only Muslims living there, serving an ideal target for attacks in name of religion.
    Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc.. all have a concentrated majority of Muslim population. These colonies are the primary targets of the fanatic Hindus. One might think that unity is strength and the colonies are better off. But think about it. The concentrated population offers tension. They're easy targets. It is in the favor of minorities to not form such communities attracting the haters. That can be seen after in future because we can't mobilise the present dwellers living there for generations.

    Now what can be done to reduce and mitigate this anti-religious feeling? The government too supports indirectly the anti-religious feeling and that's the worst part. We can't protect our minority and secularism in this way. Would the change of government be the solution? Yes. A temporary solution.
    Religious riots occur in all governments because people are inherently insecure and violent. Education can only stop the hatred and mass violence. Educated folks like you and I aren't the part of this filthy mission. We are living in harmony. Education about peace and harmony is more than a necessity now.
    RSS and other Hindutva heads must be abolished. Otherwise the catastrophe is eminent.

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