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    This year no mango fruits in the market so far

    Already we are nearing end April. Last year Mango fruits were in the market in the month of February itself and by middle March, all varieties were in the market. But this year in Hyderabad and even in AP also there are no mangoes in the market. Even raw mangoes are also very less. I think there is no much crop this year. Added to this we have three to four storms during the season where we have seen many ice pieces falling in the rain. This is another factor which spoiled the crop. So I doubt very much we may not get good mangoes this year in Hyderabad and Vijayawada. How about the position in other places? Are there good mango fruits in the markets?
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    Just today bought 4 good quality Alphonso mangoes for Rs 68/fruit. So, it is expensive, the Badami variety is more affordable. In Karnataka, there are estimates that around 30% of the expected crop is lost and the King of fruits would be more expensive this season. We used to get Malgova variety from TamilNadu easily, this year the fruit is less in the markets.
    Yes, we are getting at least 6-7 good varieties but the price is higher this year.

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    I think the situation is slightly different in Kerala. Mangoes are seen here in markets and elsewhere. Personally, the mango trees in my compound are bearing fruits of different level. Out of the seven trees four are bearing mangoes. Actually, I had to cut one tree though it was bearing mangoes fully. It was standing near the compound wall and the mangoes if allowed to ripe would have fallen on the top of their building. Hence there was no other alternate than cutting. However the remaining trees are giving enough fruits for our use.
    In market also mangoes are seen in plenty for sale. I got mangoes from my relatives' houses too.

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    It's a bit slow pace but now these can be seen in the market. Although I haven't yet tried o ne but may be in some time when the same is readily available. This is just the starting so price is expected to be higher side & so let this be more in the market & let the prices be settled.

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    I could see the mangoes in my city but they are very costly. Rs. 150 per Kg. It is the apple rate. Hope to see the arrival of more mangoes with reduced prices. May be in the month of May, we are expected to have cheap and best mangoes.
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    Yes last month there was hail storm across the city and also nearby areas where the mango crops were just growing then. The heavy rains accompanied with hail storm has taken away the mango flowers and even the unriped mangoes were fallen from the trees. That time itself I felt that the coming season would be with scarcity of mangoes and we may face hike in prices. Surely the same has happened. Even at super markets the mangoes are sold between 80 to 100 per kg and push cart vendors are selling at 60 to 80 per kg. Nevertheless at least next month we may have mangoes with little lower price.
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    This year, there is no chance of getting mangoes at a cheaper prices witnessed in the previous years. The reason for pushing the prices of all varieties of mangoes are unexpected hailstorm accompanied by heavy rain almost in parts of the country resulting in unnatural separation of mangoes from the trees and such a huge loss of the mangoes could not checked because of disbalance of weather condition.
    The prevailing price of mangoes in the market for some of varieties range from Rs 100 - 120. May be there will be slight drop of prices in the month of May with the heavy influx of Mangoes of different varieties.

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