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    How do we put an end to mass copying?

    The North Indian States of India are notorious for mass copying. Today, the 23rd of April 2018, we had a news item shown in many TV channels about mass copying in the Madhya Pradesh Public Examination. It is a big shame and does not speak well for those who aim to bring about sanity in such affairs.

    Why should we allow this sorry state of affairs to continue? With due respect to the North Indian States, we should point out that mass copying is just not in order in each of the five Southern States and in Maharashtra. One wonders why values have touched a new low in these States.

    However, one is told, the CBSE examinations are totally devoid of copying. There is absolutely no coping at all, and some of the all-India ranks often, are found from students hailing from New Delhi and studying in good schools in the National Capital.

    Why cannot parents and teachers bring about a moral revolution, by educating students right from standard six or seven, about dangers of copying? After all, copying negates all hard work, will always be seen as an easy option to hard work, and the most easy way to success.

    It will also never ever help the most honest and upright, since they will start fuming when they see so much of atrocity going on in front of their eyes. There will be total lawlessness.

    We should do something? What can really be done, and very urgently at that?
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    I just cannot understand the fact that how come students take the studies so lightly and wont even prepare for the basics in exam and rely heavily on mass copying. I came across the information on the internet that those who are posted as invigilators have the compulsion to prepare the answer sheet before hand and circulate among the students or allow them for mass copying. That means the entire system has become corrupt here. The school management., the teacher, the invigilators and students. Let there be case study conducted with South students on how they write exam and how they score the marks. So from the submissions of the author and in general there is a great difference between students of South who scores great marks on their own and yet wont find the opportunities, whereas the North students get benefited through mass copying. Where is the Justice. ?
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    It is true. Mass copying has become a practice in many northern states. It is there in other states also but not to that extent. Mainly some corporate schools and colleges are encouraging this to improve their results so that they can attract As explained by the author the ethics to the students should be taught by the parents and teachers. They should be told the disadvantages of copying and passing the examination. The certificate will nor serve any purpose if you don't have the required knowledge and subject you will not get a seat in the higher degree or a job. Mass copying in an examination may make the student pass the test but it will not fetch any benefit thereafter;
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