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    Humbly seeking a small feedback from other Members

    Respected Members,

    After returning from Kolkata, I have been planning to write one or two short write-ups on two great heroes from two different fields. But I can't yet decide whether I should write articles or write Forum posts in more than one part. If I write articles on these heroes, very few people would read, and these articles will be reviewed after some days (as per current trend). If I write Forum posts in two or more parts depicting the great deeds of these heroes, will you get bored? Won't you read the second or third part of such Forum posts?

    Members kindly indicate your opinion on this issue.
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    What I suggest that since you have decided to write the content on two great heroes in two parts article section is the right place. . The narration of yours would be scintillating and even interesting as you have the knack of taking the readers with you until the end and reveal the character you are discussing. Such kind of write ups must be in article section which is the permanent place for such wonderful articles. Forum cannot sustain such lengthy articles and members wont have time to read such big write ups in the forum.Moreover those who write articles , the entries would be there for years and can be added with new information.
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    I will also suggest writing article on two great heroes. Generally, people do not read lengthy forum post but they read articles. Generally, we get bored while reading the lengthy forum post. So, in my opinion, it is better to write articles. One more thing that article will live forever but forum post will be locked after some days to submit the responses. Whenever new member will read the articles he will be able to submit the response in the article section.
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    I sincerely advise you to write about the Heroes in the article section that would fetch you good points and cash credit. Such articles posted in parts in forum section will not be interesting to the readers as there is nothing to discuss about the Heroes. You are an old and matured guy at ISC, and you should understand this yourself.
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    But Mr. SuN, will you read those articles if I post these in Articles section? The second question is: How do you know that I am old and matured guy? I myself think I am only a 30+ guy. Regarding my maturity, many people (including my wife) have serious doubt.
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    Do not post them in the forum. They are not topics for forum discussion.
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    I think if you write articles on those heroes in your particular style using attractive keywords they will definitely get the attention of readers and at the same time, you can precisely raise a short forum with a summary on that aspect whether we should honour such people or ignore them and things like that.

    I have read threads raised by you in such a style and they were very interesting. So why not this time.

    My humble advice is whatever we want to do we can do keeping in mind the policies and internal discipline of ISC.

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    No, Mr. Umesh. These heroes about whom I am going to write are not related to politics.
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    With reference to #634465, this thread is being locked. The instruction in the response may please be noted.
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