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    Why Points for the responses by thread creator remain 1

    Hi team, I recently noticed that points for my responses remain 1. I was that thread creator. What happens when you log out of Social Media and turn off your TV?

    I don't see the same for the members who responded more than once to that thread. They get different points to their second or third responses. It shows that others' responses will be given points but to the thread creator, their responses get only default point. Is that true? If so why?

    Because, in each response, an additional point to that topic is given. please evaluate and do the needful.
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    Yes, the rule is that the subsequent response(s) of the Member who started the Forum post will get only 1 point.
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    The basis of this rule lies in the fact that the originator of the thread can only supplement or react to the responses and not required to respond on his own ideas so he is alloted a minimum of 1 point only on his subsequent writings as 0 may look a bit negative.

    That is the practice in the forum section and many members are aware of it.

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    Yes when you initiate a thread, the points given may vary from 3 to 5 points based on the details of the thread. And those who respond will be given as per the length and detail. However when you respond again, even the lengthy response would fetch 1 point only and other would get varied points as per the details.
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    The author of the thread posting a reply get 1 point. Apart from being a rule, I think it is fair because, if the points are being given based on the length and content, then there is a risk of being misused.

    For instance, I can post a thread and since I would certainly have more points (because the thread content cannot have everything), I can keep commenting and getting more points.

    If a responding member adds more value by having a constructive addition or discussion very relevant to the thread which enhances the value, then he/she can be given points otherwise they can also get 1.

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    @Natrajan Yes, I understand. Since it is a manually regulated site, if the editors consider the additional value in the content and provide the deserving point it would be fair. Because, all the time the thread creator not only repeat the same content in different words. Sometimes, we give additional reasoning and different examples to bring better understanding.

    When it is a rule in ISC, I don't interfere much. But there could always be amendments in any rules. If the editorial team consider, the members would be happy I guess.

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    According to my experience and understanding, a thread creator or the responders will not get more than 10 points (approx )despite the number of responses irrespective of its length and quality. You have been awarded 8 points and 8CC for your thread summary. Subsequent responses have fetched one point each. So, nothing to feel much about the points awarded.
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    Although main thread has already submitted & any other submission in reference to the current thread is just in addition or in support of the main thread. So, allocated one point.

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