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    Developing the Art of Concentration

    How many times it has happened that you open your book to study and sat there for hours together only to realize that you were not able to study anything substantial.
    The Barrier
    Most students suffer from the similar problem they start to study and soon after they are wavered and lost in thoughts. In order to do many things simultaneously they fail to complete even one of them in a justified manner.
    Mastering the Art
    To be able to complete each task efficiently it is important to develop the concentration power.
    Set your Goals
    What is that you need to achieve in life for yourself and what is the path you need to follow to accomplish the same is important.
    Interest is a must
    Develop an interest in the subject or the task you are about to handle. Once you have done this it becomes very easy to put your mind and heart into it and that you need not bother thereafter. Understand the result you are going to achieve and that it shall take you one step closer to your goals.
    Curiosity works
    You have to be curious and willing to learn only then you can acquire the in-depth knowledge. If you approach the subject or task with the approach that you already know too much about it then you would have very little scope left and you cease to learn anymore.
    Let not your mind to deviate
    Often it so happens that you have started working on a task or topic, you mind deviates and is overlapped by other thought to such an extent that your concentration from the actual task is lifted up and you are lost into imagination. So before you start to work on something relax fully and begin with a fresh mind that's why the early morning hours are considered to be the best.
    Haste is Waste
    Never begin a work in haste. Soon you are lost and clouded by the most useless thoughts.
    Ways to de-stress oneself
    Prepare yourself take up the de stress activities like, splash cold water on your face and eyes, take a small nap, go out for a walk, exercise, listen to some light music for some even dancing works like a de stressor, eat a chocolate and when you are sure that now you are ready then sit down to study or work.
    Consistency is a must
    It is through constant practice that you will be able to keep your mind free from all the unwanted thoughts and develop a high concentration power which would eventually be an asset for you when you join a job and handle stressful situations in job.
    Best of Luck.
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    A full concentration on the work you are taking up is very important to complete the task within the fixed time and in the way we wanted. Many people these days don't concentrate on the work they do. A driver when he is driving should not talk on a cell phone which will take away his concentration and may lead to accidents. Similarly when you are attending a work concentrating on the without deviating from the focus will make you complete soon. A student while studying should not think about other issues. Then only he can get the subject understood. When we read a novel or when we watch a movie our concentration will be completed on the work only. That is why we will never forget the story. Meditation is the best way to practice to get the habit of concentration. This will make you tune your mind as you like.
    always confident

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    A nice article on maintaining the concentration level in oneself. Concentration is very important to do any work effectively and in order to achieve good results from it. True that we youngsters have a very unstable mind and at times, we lose concentration on very important things. There are other ways of doing some form of exercises to maintain that concentration level.
    We really need to be determined to do whatever we want to do in life.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Developing the art of concentration is the great requirement for everyone especially the students. If student is concentration enough in the classes and attentive to the teachers telling the points while explaining each subject, I bet he would be the best student scoring good marks hands down. Many students starts writing what the teacher says instead of listening to her in concentration. In that case their entire focus would be on writing and not remembering. Always when we observe some one with concentration, their ideas , their knowledge and other super powers would be passed on to us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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