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    Keep your professional and personal ethics separate.

    Most youngsters who enter into a corporate world as professionals are very excited about their career but fail a number of times in maintaining a balance between work and family which leads to many psychological and stress problems?

    The question is how to keep the two roles into different honeycombs. The answer is very simple. It's a matter of habit and practice that each one of us has to practice sooner or later. It may be a little difficult in the initial stages.

    Very few people have perfectly practiced this art. It's like an on and off switch. When they reach office the home is put off and in the evening when they reach home the office is put off.
    There are certain norms one should follow to keep your professional life out of your personal life and vice versa.

    Be reserved in office when you talk about your family and private matters. Maintain your privacy. The advantage is that you avoid the gossiping among the staff members. Talking about movies or a new restaurant is acceptable. Draw a line when you talk about relationships, money matters, bank accounts, capital assets etc

    Never get to your work at home. If you are a good time manager it is quite likely that you are able to complete the entire day's task within the given period of time so that you don't carry the work home. This can also be achieved if you are not lazy in doing the work and is in the habit of procrastinating.

    Let not the tensions of work at office dominate you at home during the family time; at the same time, let not the problems of the family be carried to the office. Please respect the private relationships of the other colleagues at the office. Never be too inquisitive in getting into the matters of the others. Limit it to only what the other co-worker wants to tell you and if he is getting too personal you can stop him from doing so.

    Stop being an advisor for free. Advise a co-worker only when he seriously seeks from you and endows trust in you. While you are advising, monitor your words, do not quote your personal examples out of emotions.

    Knowing what to speak is all that makes the difference. Develop a good rapport with the co-workers and maintain a cordial work environment. Maintain the professional ethics.
    Good Luck.
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    Professional ethics and personal ethics can't be different. Most probably, the author wants to mean to segregate professional life and personal life.

    For example, an important ethical education is to have good relations with the neighbours. It is applicable in our personal life as well as in our professional life. In professional life, we only substitute neighbours with colleagues.

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    I think the ethics will be same for both profession and family.We can't have different ethics for these two streams.But we should not mix professional life and family life. We should have separate times for these two.
    But these days it is becoming very difficult. On paper it is easy. But when the practical situation comes it is becoming quite impossible. An It professional who works in India for a client in the USA is forced to have a discussion with his counterparts there and it will happen only after 8 PM in India. It is not that he has not completed his work in time. But it is his job profile and conditions will make him talk to him out of office hours. At the same time, he can't go next day morning late to his office because his work will get hampered there. Similarly in many senior jobs these days there is no time limit and practically it is not possible to switch off one switch and on another switch. Anyhow if it can be done it will be good.

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    In this cut throat competition, we are desperate to convince the management of our performance & while at the same time expecting a big salary hike. But during most of the time we don't find the outcome as satisfactory that we strived for. During this whole process we hardly have ever felt of about our losses, that along with the professional life we also having the personal life too.

    It's like as if we interested in both religious as well as wordily life & in course of living both we failed measurably. Its not possible to draw a line that clearly separates the both but we left with the chances of managing both by balancing the activities which we are already appointed with. This will remain a hard fact that we can't ignore either of them completely.

    The one way in which we could find the way is to fix the priority & start working on it so as to manage the both. In addition, we can continue to work on critical aspects of our daily issues & do the changes accordingly.

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    Professional ethics are the core principles of the highest order that the employees adhere to while pursuing the company/firm's business aims and goals.

    Personal ethics are one's own code of conduct that is based on his/her inner compass/mind.

    This thread begins to talk about work-life balance and the last three paragraphs are about good work etiquette that employees should follow in the office or within teams.

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    Good advise from the author. It is prudent and important to keep away our professional work and personal ethics apart and then only the living would be smooth, otherwise we create a problematic situation for ourselves of no return. Normally management want to have divide and rule policy and in that regard, they may give us some special powers to take on the co employees , but a co worker may not like to take advise or orders from us citing they want right person to give order. In that situation behaving sensibly is highly regarded. One should not get overboard with the rights given by management and thus rift between good employees are going to be created. And regarding personal ethics, it is better to forget the home problems and home priorities at the home itself and when it comes to work and duty, it is better to concentrate on work and nothing else.
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    Professional and personal lives shouldn't overlap. Ethics can and should.
    You haven't spoke much about ethics in your thread. Ethics are the principles that you rely on for a particular activity. So think about it. Shouldn't you rely on personal ethics too?
    How come being reserved even an option?
    How is your company going to access you ?
    Being reserved will create a boundary between you and your co-workers.

    And personal ethics like honesty, precision, positivity,etc don't you think you must share these in your profession ?
    If you don't add a tinge of yourself into your job, how come the job is yours? Can't anyone in the world do that job then ? It is your job. Put you into it. Put your ethics into your job.

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    I think the key difference is passion in whatever we do.

    I know of several individuals, who are so busy at work, but still find quality time to spend with their families. They really mean it. What they are doing is quite simple. They cut down on all other distractions like watching TV, being engaged for hours together on cell phones, watching cricket matches on television, or simply chatting with friends over phone. Once they are done with this, they passionately spend time with their families.

    The author has made an excellent point that we should never discuss family matters in office. It is alright to confide in one or two very close well-wishers, who might not only offer us advise, but also help us financially, if needed. However, discussing our personal problems with a huge number of people, as many tend to do, will only lower our self-esteem. Instead of bringing us solace, they will simply bring us only ridicule, as each and every member at work, irrespective of his or her position in the Corporate Pecking order, has his or her worries, both in office and at home too.

    We should also remember that during week-ends and holidays helping the family members find their own space, by visiting new places for picnics, or sharing small joys, will always lead to good results.

    One important point is that we should never fight with our life partners in the presence of children, even if they are sixteen years old. If we do this, we will naturally carry this guilt to offices, and face all unfortunate consequences, when we will allow our minds to be distracted.

    The more we are successful in keeping our professional and personal lives, the better. It is difficult, but never impossible.

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