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    Why being healthy and fit so important for professional career?

    Who wouldn't agree to "Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body?" Anybody born on this earth has the right to live a healthy life. Physical and Mental health is an attitude. It is only a healthy person who can enjoy the bliss of life and be an asset to the others on the other hand an unhealthy person not only becomes a liability on the others but also is a burden to one self.
    Since our childhood we have prayed to god to keep us healthy because we all know that Health is the real wealth. If we live a healthy life we can earn as much as we want.
    On being healthy one is always happy, energetic, willing to work and transfer positive vibes to the others. A healthy professional can lead and take care of his team like a true leader. This is true both at home and at place of work.
    For a professional,being healthy and fit is very essential. As a professiona,l it is expected of you to be fit and healthy so that you can perform like a perfectionist. When it comes to professionalism; it is a no compromise situation and that there is no room for emotions. In order to meet the targets and meet the deadlines it is very important that you are agile, active and energetic.
    Steps to be fit and healthy:
    Exercise Regularly.
    Eat the right kind of nutritive food. Include good fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers.
    Practice meditation to fight against stress.
    Learn to be multitasking so that you can cope up with deadlines.
    Undergo a regular and thorough medical checkup so that no deadly disease comes to your knowledge as a surprise.
    Most Professionals are perfectionists. When you and your body enjoy the bliss of fitness and good health the advantages are innumerable like good thoughts come to your mind. You feel happy and spread happiness all around you. Your concentration power increases, your work ability optimizes and becomes result oriented. You can set examples for the others and become a trend setter yourself. Your thought process is always positive. New and creative ideas are generated easily. Your road to success is a sure shot.
    With so many advantages I am sure you shall now take care of your health and stay fit to become a Perfect Professional.
    Good Luck.
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    Health is wealth and if health is lost everything is lost. So in essence, we must take care of our health to the best possible manner.

    Unfortunately, there are many external factors which nullify all our efforts and we lose our health slowly or gradually. Pollution, adulteration, modern life struggles and stress, side effects of medicines and many such things make our life miserable.

    So partially health is in our hands and to that extent, we must take its care.

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    It is true that health is wealth. If we don't have good health we can't enjoy our life. Being healthy and fit is important not to only for professional life but also all aspects of life it is important. if our health is not OK we have to depend on somebody in our personal life also and we can't be as we like. We have to face certain limitations there also. That is why people say who will die without being on the bed for so many days is the luckiest person.
    Everyone should think of remaining healthy and fit and take all necessary precautions required. We should have good eating habits and sleeping habits to maintain good health. Physical exercise is also very important. These days because of the technological developments a person is spending more time in a sitting posture than moving which will bring various problems to him. So one should have good exercising habits.

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    A very relevant thread sating an indisputable fact and dictum from time immemorial and never stale.
    The title question is answered by explanations in the thread itself and summarises saying that "an unhealthy person not only becomes a liability on the others but also is a burden to one self." That is it. We should not be liability, but assets to ourselves, family, profession or employment,society and nation.
    Let us once more repeat 'Health is wealth". and take care of that wealth.

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    If we define the professional & personal life as two different war zones then both would required the different capabilities in order to win the war. In the personal life we need to be more sensitive whilst to be successful in the other area we need to be more professional, means to look out for the benefit side only along with that we also need to be performance oriented.

    In the professional base we need to be more fit & flexible in order to handle more complex scenario & at the same time ready to take the hard decisions whenever possible. Because of increasing competition we need to be capable of thinking on 360 degree or else we will be left behind. In contrast to personal life we are on emotional touch.

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    If we are a professional we must lead the portfolio with a good personality, good health and fitness of our body and mind matters. Suppose if you are doctor, he cannot be sneezing and see the patients. Like wise if you are lawyer, you cannot wear a civil dress and go to the court. And even for the service providers in our society they have to sport with their instruments, otherwise there is no use of their saying about their profession. For example if a person claims to be electrician, he must have a tester and a screw driver with him. So professionals have to maintain all the things needed to claim that title.
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    Thankyou you all for all the valuable responses. This is just the beginning of my writing spree. These responses encourages me to do better job. I ensure to live up to the high expectations and maintain the standards of ISC.

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    A thoughtful thread, whether it's professional or personal we need to be healthy and fit because only then we can do justice to the people who depend on us in our professional and personal/family life.

    A fit, energetic approach at work would help him or her to be more productive. It also helps us in the long run so that we have a longer life to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor.

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    It is obvious that Health is absolutely necessary for leading not only a good career but life also as a whole. When companies ask you if you're fit, this is what they mean,"Can you sit on the desk and work 8 whole hours for me without being tired?"
    If you are fit you're eligible to work. That is all your profession is concerned about your health. Meaning, when you are saying you are fit you are essentially stating you are normal. You are stating that your body is functioning the way it is supposed to.
    Can we equate that to healthy ? I say I am healthy when all my faculties work optimally.
    Now tell me. Does your job ask you to be fit or healthy ?
    Fit ofcourse. Then do you have to strive to be fit ? Absolutely no. We all are fit to a degree. You are fit as long as your faculties are present and working.
    But you have to strive a ton to be healthy ?
    You need to make sacrifices. But sacrifice is worth it.

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