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    What punishment do you propose for them?

    Nowadays we regularly read cases of rape and molestation of minors in different parts of the country. Not only rape, the assaulted children are confined and also physically harmed in various ways. The animals in human shape get sadistic pleasure by torturing small, innocent children of both sexes. It seems that the terrible practice of ''bacchhabazi'' of our neighbouring country has also reached India.

    I am of firm opinion that this terrible tendency of sexually assaulting young children is the direct consequence of watching child pornography. Many criminologists who have detailed knowledge of this issue, are of the same opinion. All the pedophiles are attracted to child pornography.

    So, to stop sexual assault on innocent children, I demand maximum punishment to the makers of child pornography. Harsh punishment is required to be given to the viewers of such videos/films. The police must raid regularly (at least once in every month) to the dens where such abominable films are made and distributed. The police should regularly arrest pedophiles irrespective of their nationality and before producing them in Court, give them such treatment which would effectively stop their dirty attitude towards children.

    Members. what punishment do you propose for the makers and viewers of child pornography?
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    In India, there are already laws and child pornography is a crime. Viewing child pornographic websites is also a crime. The Information Technology Act, 2000 and Indian Penal Code, 1860 provides protection from child pornography. A child is a person who is below the age of 18 years. It is the implementation of the laws strictly is what is needed. The makers of child pornography should be punished with life imprisonment. The cases should be tried on the fast track basis and judgment delivered in a specific time frame. The makers of such films do not deserve any mercy.

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    I feel any punishment given to them is less only. Unnecessarily they are spoiling the brains of innocent children and ruining their lives.So life imprisonment may be one such punishment. But What I feel is they should be made handicapped in the public and then imprisoned so that no person will dare to do such acts in future. These cases should be completed on the fast track and there should be certain guidelines to complete the whole process within a specified time frame and the culprit should be punished. The act is to be revised if necessary to include these clauses and if anybody is viewing these films, they should also be given an exemplary punishment so that none will try again.
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