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    Which one you prefer - shaking hands or Namaste?

    Traditionally we were greeting or saluting each other with a humble Namaste but gradually it has been overtaken by the handshake, a gesture imparted to us by western colonial forces. Still, in our society, namaste is maintained when it comes to greeting each other between a male and female member.

    Hygienically, a Namaste is better than a handshake. I still prefer it.

    What is your take on that?
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    I definitely feel comfortable in ''Namaste'' or ''Nomoshkar'' or ''Vanakkam''. I also shake hands nowadays but am still not comfortable in shaking hands with ladies. This is actually a habit for me rather than hygiene. But now I have learnt that shaking hands is not hygienically proper.
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    I also prefer Namaste. Namaste is better in many ways. It is hygienic to say namaste than of shaking hands. Namaste shows more respect for the others than to shake hands. Sometimes we meet our elders and it is odd to shake hands with them. The Namaste is very good wish for the elder one. It is the bad manner to shake hands with our elders.
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    I feel the author is running late on his time. Now, the normal hug/hugs has taken a step ahead than normal handshake. People specially youth (both male and female) prefer to show their affection in form of a hug than handshake.

    Whether one prefer Namaste/ Handshake or hug, it is totally a personal choice and it need not look differently. Whether one is so much careful about hygienic is also a very personal opinion and it should not look from majority point of view.

    The time is changing fast and one should change with it from both mentally and physically. Where you need a Namaste you do that and where you need a handshake or hug, you do that. It should depending on situation and timing rather than thinking about hygienic point of view.

    Nothing is crystal clear in our atmosphere, if one has to get affected by any disease, they will anyway. No matter how you protect yourself. It all depend on your inner body strength how it cope up with natural atmosphere. If one's body is weak they will struggle and if the body is strong, it doesn't matter. Our mind should be free from unhygienic thought rather than thinking about it in practical life.

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    I think it depends. Haven't we felt how uncomfortable was Mr Trump when our Prime Minister hugged him? So, it is all a matter of who, how and whom we are meeting. A namasthe may be hygienic, though not sure how, but you have to shake the hand when it is required. I don't think we can assess between the two.
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    It's a matter of habit or the environment in which we have grown up. I preferred to do the Namaste as there is a scientific reason behind the 'Namaskar' in Hindu culture, joining both hands ensures touching the tips of all the fingers together, which are linked to pressure points in the eyes, ears, and mind. Pressing them together is said to activate these, helping us remember that person for a long time.

    The hand shake is a different way of paying attention to someone but the same said to have transported the micro-organisms to other body. This may have resulted in transporting of diseases as well due to direct contact. The hand shake is so common these days that we don't have time to think to such an extent but instead we just do it & move on.

    Doesn't matter. Do what you feel good in your life.

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    It is a more a habit than anything else. This depends on the person whom we are meeting. When we meet our best old friend after a long time we prefer to give a hug and show our affection. If we meet high official or a lady or a very old man we tend to say namaste than shaking hands. If it happens to meet a colleague or our classmate we may prefer shaking hand with him/her.
    As far as I am concerned whenever I meet an elderly person or unknown woman or a big officer I will say namaste to him by bringing both the hands together. This is my general practice. if I meet my colleagues I will just say Hi. If somebody introduces a new person of almost my age or less I will shake my hands with him. Finally, if I meet my relations I will hug them and say hi.
    I never think of hygiene in this issue. But all Indians are famous for Pranams rather than Hallows.

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    I always do Namaste to my elders. While talking or greeting friends, the best is to handshake.
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    Greetings are just greetings and I don't think it should be viewed from a perspective of being western or eastern.
    But since its just a way of showing respect or introducing oneself so it should be left to a person what he/she chooses.
    And as far as I am concerned I say Namaste to my elders like teachers, relatives, and acquaintances whereas saying hello by handshake to my friends and juniors.

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    Namaste is the traditional way of every Indian to say the respect to the opposite person and it not only reflect our obedience but also reflects our culture. By giving hand shake, many people may not like for varied reason. I have invariably seen that those who are reluctant to meet us and when spotted we try to hand shake and their effort to give little importance to us can be known through hand shake which is equally touching of fingers and not the whole palm with confidence. For me Namaste is the best way to convey our respect and the elders like it very much and they equally respond.
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    We cannot have one choice for this, it would depend on the familiarity of the person, the circumstances and the place. In some cultures a hug or a peck on the cheek is acceptable. In some, personal space is very important that getting too close or being over-enthusiastic etc can be frowned upon.

    In most of my interactions at the workplace and job-related meets, it will be a formal handshake. Family and friends would be a hug. Elders and women apart from the above would be a namaste.

    What is more important is not to overdo it and risk being misinterpreted, especially when it's people of the opposite sex. If you think back, most of the profession related handshakes are just a formality of a little/feeble contact. If you are in a position where you can do things for people, then the hands shake will be a little longer with vigorous shaking and profuse kind comments, if you are just a minnow in the hierarchy then it would be a mere touch for a couple of seconds.

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    I prefer to shake hand with my close relatives and friends, and I prefer to say Namaste to distant relatives and un- known persons. I do not like to shake hand with old ladies and ladies of my age, and ladies above 18. I certainly love to shake hand with young girls and children. I do not like to hug anyone and fall on their feet.
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