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    What is real happiness?

    Happiness is something we call crave for, almost every second of our life. Rich or poor, young or old, every single human being, anywhere in the world, is always marching towards it, sometimes unconsciously.

    Yet, it does not reach many, who are seemingly very angry, or upset, or simply sad.

    Why does this happen? What then, is real happiness?

    There are many interpretations and there are many controversies too.

    For example, hundreds of thousands of people think that money will buy them happiness or bring them fame, through which they can have happiness at any point in time.

    Nothing is far away from the truth. The richest film stars have always been very unhappy. That is because they have never understood what it means to differentiate between their reel and real lives. They have never understood that being their true selves, wearing no make up, and reaching out to others, particularly when they start fading from their once-famous positions, is the sure way to happiness. They live with their giant-sized egos, and end up being very unhappy, when they realize that they are no more respected.

    So, money alone does not, ever, bring happiness.

    Happiness is something that is deeply intrinsic to the person. For instance, a person who is sixty plus in age today, may find huge happiness in thinking about all the good times, the learning from mistakes made, the achievements of his or her sons and daughters and so on. This will give him or her immense happiness, even while they do not express it openly. Off and on, such people go into their own shell, and recollect all the past. The events that were really full of humor might also be those they remember very well. Such is the true intrinsic value of happiness.

    Happiness is also associated with doing what one is passionate about. Those who are deeply passionate, also bring with them, a huge amount of hard work, and then totally immerse themselves in whatever they do. They even express happiness when they achieve something great, but often invoke the blessings of God, who has given them the opportunities.

    For example, even when accepting the Oscar Award, the great legendary music genius, A R Rahman, said in Tamil, "ella pughazum iraivanukke" which translates into "all the fame is only that of God."

    He is always humble about his achievements, but many do not know the kind of hard work that he puts in. He is known to be immersed in his music for even ten hours at a stretch in his music studio. He also donates a lot to charity, and is so humble. He is one human being whose success has never gone into his head.

    Which in turn, actually brings us to something we are all guilty about. Our egos. Most of the time, we allow our egos, to take the better of us, even unknowingly and, with disastrous results. We invite the wrath of others, who do not appreciate even our good intentions. They always remember only our ego tantrums. Hence, ego is something we all need to shed.

    Apart from ego, there is something most fundamental -- inter-personal relations. Showing compassion to every human being we come across, is something we should be passionate about. We should indeed reach out to our neighbors, exchange pleasantries, help them in times of need, treat our servant maids well, express genuine concern for those who are sick or those who meet with accidents and so on. Nursing grudges will take us nowhere. Good Inter-personal relations will add a huge spice to our happiness.

    Humor is another thing that we all need to appreciate and develop. Those with a real sense of humor are those who are always respected and sought for. They infuse fresh energy in all situations and help us relieve us of all tensions.

    Likewise, happiness also depends on how we utilize our innate and intrinsic talents. It is high time that one discovers such talents. They can often be identified by some close person. Good singers, painters, writers and dancers are those who constantly seek feedback from others, and are proud to do so. We should discover this natural trait at some stage of our lives. Once we discover this, it becomes very easy to nurture such a talent or even several talents.

    So, happiness is in our hands. It is entirely up to us, to be happy or unhappy. The choice is ours.
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    Happiness wont come to us as it is. We have to create a platform or a slot to bring in happiness. By the way one can enjoy in every bit of work we does and the happiness lies hidden in it. For many happiness means having lots of money, enjoying good holiday, making so many purchases of wanted products and spend time with relatives and friends. But the real happiness comes when you feed the birds, you give food to the cattle, you help the hungry person by offering food. And helping those financially when they want the most. And above all those who does their service for the ailing elders, the happiness is bountiful.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, happiness is in our hand. We can not get happiness by the money. The real happiness is satisfaction. Be satisfied in any condition is real happiness. It is very difficult to be satisfied. We always want more and more our needs never end. And to fulfil our needs we always try the different method which affects our health. Our brain does not get rest. If we will be satisfied then our brain will get some rest and that would be real happiness.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    The real happiness is when you get up in the next morning to resume your life. In Tamil there is a saying "Thoonguvathu pol saakkadum thoongi vizhippathumpol pirappu. (Going to sleep is like the dead, and waking up after the sleep is the birth). So, when you wake up from the sleep, one should feel the real happiness.
    No life without Sun

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    Few of the life components when carried for long then after a limit the life becomes a nightmare. And if we go on adding this then the time will come that we are dead. These are the negative aspects includes the anger, being unhappy & untruthful or unrealistic etc.

    In contrast, we have another set of components like being positive which is very much required in our life. We strive for this yet due to not able to face the consequences of life we begun to see the impact as we are more into depression. The whole process results into irritation & being unpleasant. In addition this lead to more destruction as someday we may feel as the life is no more interesting to us.

    Although, the author has already come up with the problems as well as the possible solutions along with this. But writing a submission & implementation is all the different but at least we can give a try.

    I appreciate the author for this job.

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    I always feel happiness will come from contentment. Once you are satisfied with what you have you will feel happy. Happiness comes from inside. When w beggar sitting near a temple gets a Rs.10/- note he will be very happy that he got his money for his tea that day. But a person who had crores of rupees may not be happy as his tender on that day was not accepted. So money is not the one which brings happiness. In fact, it takes away our happiness. An employee who earns a few lakhs of rupees a year may be happier than an entrepreneur who earns crores of rupees as profit. So all is in your mindset and attitude. You need not run anywhere to search your happiness. It is within you only.
    if you are more greedy and always want more and more you may not get the desired happiness. But instead of that getting satisfied and trying to be contained more will give you a happiness.

    always confident

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