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    Getting this young generation to respect elders

    A very common observation in most urban homes relates to the sheer indifference shown to elders -- any one above the age of sixty -- by the younger generation. This group, between the age of say, seven to twenty five or even thirty, does not respect elders in families, in public and even in private.

    This has to compulsorily change. Wherever the elders, that is, the grandparents stay in some native village far away from the city, the parents should take them to the native place at least once in a way and help them to relate to their grandparents. This should be done compulsorily, so that the bonding develops. There should be a personal example set, so that the younger generation starts appreciating the elders.

    One another route is to take the children to old age homes, where they can see for themselves the physical condition of the elders. Normally, the elders show so much of affection even to strangers in such environs and get to jell very quickly with the younger generation. When this happens, we can build many bridges.

    Another important aspect of respecting elders is to listen to them, and seek their advise on many matters. For instance, it is not uncommon to find good elders in surrounding villages, with a huge amount of native intelligence on organic farming methods. They have huge hands-on knowledge and are quick to share such information for those who need it.

    The elders have huge experience in navigating tough times, and times of economic recession. One can easily learn from them. In fact, the younger generation needs to often ask them questions related to those good times, when they sacrificed so much. When they put up with so much of frustration or economic hardship. When they saved money through cutting corners and saving even on essentials. Like for instance, travelling huge distances on bicycles.

    When the younger generation get to understand such hardship, it is very likely that they will get to understand the wider importance of respect.

    The parents of the younger generation need to educate them on why and how the elders do not understand many things about Facebook, or smartphones or more sophisticated Information Technology tools. They were brought up in a different era. They survived and grew in an era of shortages, when IT was almost absent, even in banks.

    Elders also need to appreciate the lack of time of this younger generation. Since the children are also part of the big rat race, they often do not appreciate the slow and easy paced life of the elders. The elders frown upon things like eating junk food, which is very unhealthy.

    There has to be a balance in understanding such small things. Junk food cannot be totally avoided. It can be minimized in intelligent ways. We need to understand ways and means of reaching out to the elders.

    This should happen at all cost.
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    What the author has concerned of is the generation gap. The time change & our thinking too got some pace. Only few can make up with this.

    This remains the age old problem & the better way to deal with this is to get some maturity so that we are not carrying any expectations within ourselves & with others too. Lets not interfere & so let live our life & let others with their life. No interference & no expectations & we are happy.

    The author has also mentioning about giving respect to the elders. This is important that all elders can't be the recipient of our respect or even of our attention. The respect comes from within & depends upon the behavior of other individuals in the society. This could be the case that you may have some feelings for a particular person but at the same time not for any other.

    Understanding human behavior is a chemistry. Our reactions for the people depends upon the numbers of factors. If those factors are combined then this creates the image or the personality of any individual & accordingly he or she gets the attention of us wherein we might like the person or dislike the person. This also results in the making of image which makes us to respect others but for sure age is not a factor throughout.

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    The world has changed. These days the younger generation are living more in the virtual world than in the real world. They feel that they are the masters and they feel that they know everything. Actually, this concept only making them not to respect the elders. The parents take all the troubles of getting him educated properly and treat him very nicely and brought him up. But these people who join in a job and gets married they think that they are supreme and need not care about anybody. Many percentage people are not even thinking about their parents and grandparents. They are only two in the world. He and his wife. If the parents try to tell them something they say don't worry we can take care of ourselves. But the same people when they are in a necessity they will come running to the parents. Even two brothers who were brought by the same parents will never behave in a similar way.One will have good respect for parents and the other will not. This concept is further growing up. Really in the coming years, many may suffer because of this problem.
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