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    Is it an example of 'achhe din' for India?

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)! It is an IT giant. This Indian company has crossed an important milestone. On last Monday, TCS crossed the figure of $100 billion market capitalization. Incidentally, the market capitalization figure of TCS equals the GDP of as many as 128 countries the world over. It is bigger than the total market capitalization of all the stocks listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange and also almost one-third of India's total budget expenditure for the financial year 2018-19. Indian IT giant TCS is now one of the top 63 companies in the world.

    Many financial and stock market experts have expressed great pleasure over the success story of TCS, especially during the last five years. Now the question is: Can we interpret the success of TCS during the crunch in IT sector as an example of 'achhe din' for India?

    What is your opinion?
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    I never thought of the information to such an extent. While thanking the author for this, I would feel a great pleasure that one of our IT giant has done this.

    Good achievement.

    But I don't feel that this can be compared to the 'achhe din', in whatever way. The above performance is due to the company's internal sales strategy & not related to government schemes. The benefit will go to the company's revenue & increment for the employees. This is nothing in context to the needy people or the common men for whom the schemes should have been made.

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    This is being published in many newspapers for the last three days. TCS crossed the figure of $100 billion market capitalisation. I think this is the first company in India to reach this magic figure. With this achievement, TCS will go with much more aggression t improve its market share and further expand its business connection. This is a good show. The employees and shareholders of the company will get benefitted and it will give further avenues to people who want to have their career in IT industry. If the other It companies also take a leaf of this TCS book and expand their activity the IT industry will rise again and many engineers who are on the roads without jobs may try here and get the advantage, This will give an upward moment to the economy of India. We can say that we are getting back our good days. Definitely a good show by the company. Incidentally, I like to mention that my 2nd son is working as a team lead in TCS and yesterday he received the best working technologist award from the management.
    always confident

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    It is first Achche din for TCS, its employees, and shareholders.
    As TCS is Indian company and earns for this country, its success and achche din is naturally achche for the country also.

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    A private company performance par excellence is the dedication and true work force of the company and that cannot be related and corelated to the Achhe dhin tag of the Modi government.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Glad to hear about TCS, when many people equate India IT to Infosys. It sounds like a quite acheiver that has overtaken Infosys. now TCS is 2.5 time bigger than Infosys. TCS just posted a better than expected results in the quarter that ended in march.
    Good news from TCS is good news for the IT sector and India.

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    Sir, iit has nothing to do with the "Achchi Din" or anything like that. TCS is the shining star of the entire Tata Sons group, which is now making record profits due to some very intelligent strategies formulated by the present Chairman of the group, Mr N Chandrasekharan. It was he who took to where it is, and subsequently took over the entire Tata group as Chairman.

    However, it should be noted that Tata Steel is in deep trouble, as it had to pay heavily for the Europe acquisition of Cores, made earlier under the leadership of Shri Ratan Tata. Now that the steel industry is back to good times, Tata Steel is expected to do well.

    The ruling party at the Centre has done a fairly good job of training hundreds of thousands of people for purely temporary or contract jobs. It is openly advocating what is called as "Fixed Term Employment". This means that the employee will be thrown out of employment at the end of three years, with any regular job or salary and perks. All that he will get is the PF accumulation.

    The so-called Achchi Din is a huge myth, formulated by the present Prime Minister, who has done nothing. His record is a big zero, and is worse than the previous Government, as this Government has only widened the rich-poor divide, by totally neglecting agriculture, encouraging banks to lend to the huge Corporate houses that have only accumulated huge debt, threatening the entire banking system. He is caught talking about pakoda sellers, when he very well knows that direct employment growth and generation is almost zero.

    This is the main reason why we see stagnant growth all over.

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    The spectacular growth of a particular company cannot be taken as 'Achche din' for the whole of the country. The governance within a company is different from the governance in the country.

    Many companies today are doing well but at the same time, there are many who are struggling under the cutthroat competition and are likely to close down.

    Knowledge is power.

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