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    Towards water conservation practices and better water management

    Water is the most precious resource of our society. Though we do have enough rivers, they become dry in summer and we do not have very healthy practices of preserving whatever water we get.

    How do we go about rectifying the problem? How do we educate our farmers on water conservation methods, how do we teach them things like drip irrigation, and the benefits of organic farming methods where, one is told, we can do with less water?

    These are some questions for which we need to seek active participation from a very wide society of people. For example, if case studies of successful practices can be shared, such case studies will become the focus point for more meaningful discussion and action.

    What is needed is real action. There is no use of merely understanding the problem. We need to address the more fundamental issues of water conservation and rain water harvesting. Once we have data on our hands it becomes far more easy to act.

    For example, in Coimbatore city, there is this excellent organization called "Siruthuli" which translates into small drops in English. As the name itself implies, this organization has in the forefront of excellent practices of water conservation and has saved the ukkadam lake in Coimbatore city, from the encroachment threat.

    We need many more examples like this, to enable community participation on a much wider scale. Readers may please contribute case studies in this regard, so that this discussion can become more meaningful.
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    Water is a very important commodity in our life and without water, there is no life on this earth. Slowly the water deposits on the earth getting diminished and water scarcity are prevailing in many places and this problem will be more in summer. I am afraid if the same practices are continued we may not be able to hand over this earth to our next generation in the same as we received, So it is our first and foremost duty to preserve water resources.
    There are many places in our day to day life where we waste a lot of water. If we can ration the usage in all these areas we will be able to save a lot of water. For example, in our house, we will be using water purifiers for drinking water purpose. In this process, we will be getting one litre of drinking water for almost three litres of aw water. The remaining 2 litres are just going into the wastewater channel. Instead of that, if we collect that water and reuse for dishwashing or toilet cleaning we will save a lot of water. we should think like this and find out where there is a chance of reducing t.he wastage. That will give a good saving

    always confident

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    Well said that, "Water water every where & not a single drop to drink".

    What I am bringing to the surface or to our notice is that we all are responsible for the present crisis & there is no going back. We can't be ignored of the fact that the human species is the biggest threat to the conservation of natural resources. And so long this species continues to strive for more development, more destruction will follow.

    Why don't we have the limit of anything or else we already have crossed our limit & just waiting for the consequences to happen to us which could only be expected in the form of disasters. We are already in process of receiving the threats & is evident in the form of natural calamities including the scarcity of natural resource including water. We have a bad scenario of extending our existence & use the resources for our own interest & need till everything ends up then goes to another place. And in another place we repeat the process.

    What kind of intelligence do we carry?

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