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    How can we encourage college students to become street smart?

    It is but essential that all students, particularly those in colleges, become street smart.

    What is meant by street smartness? This means an ability to be seen as both creative and innovative, alive to all opportunities available in the particular environment, being and becoming aware of job opportunities and so on.

    I shall narrate a real life experience. Years ago, four students, all of them MBAs from very average Arts and Science Colleges in Madurai and beyond (South Tamil Nadu) were recommended by one senior professor, known to me, but known to only two of the girls, who had done BBA in a local college. However, the professor assured me that their attitude was very good indeed.

    The four girls sought my help to find jobs in Chennai. Personal one-to-one interviews with each of the four girls revealed that their knowledge of spoken English was almost zero. They had somehow passed their MBA degrees with the help of bazaar guides that offer ready made solutions to such learners, in terms of just passing the particular papers. Yes, the MBA standards in Arts and Science Colleges in most of Tamil Nadu, even today, is pathetic.

    Yet, the girls had the desire to develop. Initially, they were dazed by the smart girls and boys of Chennai city. However, after joining a local BPO organization, where their knowledge of Tamil was just about sufficient to get their first job, for a salary that was just Rs.5,500/- to start with, they went about systematically upgrading their skills in spoken English, by rubbing shoulders with the smarter boys and girls, and also enrolling in a local institute for spoken English skills. It so happened that one teacher in that institute, who saw the fire in their bellies took personal interest in coaching them.

    They not only became street smart, but also shifted to better BPO organizations within the next fourteen months. Another one year down the line, each of them found lucrative slots in better BPO organizations.

    What really mattered was their attitude. However, such girls are rare. Even in cities, we often find those without much initiative. We notice many who do not do their homework, are demotivated and are out of touch with the real world opportunities.

    One solution is to get them to interact with those who are otherwise very intelligent and who have already succeeded as entrepreneurs. Another method is to instill confidence in them, even at the plus one and plus two stages and then convert their attitudes into looking far beyond their knowledge boundaries.

    Readers may also contribute their own views and experiences in this regard.
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    The first and the foremost requirement for anyone to shine in their profession is a willingness to work hard and take up the challenge. Just coming to office and attending the duties with no creativity or thinking will never make one grow. They should have the attitude of grabbing the chance to show their potential to get the better career options. We should have a desire to acquire new concepts and skills which will help us in creating more avenues for career prospectus. Without that interest and killer attitude, one can't go high in the line.
    Understanding the work, knowing the requirements and being proactive will make one be a front-runner in the race. Simply doing your job is not sufficient to prosper. It is important that how best you will showcase your talents and further increase them is the solution.

    always confident

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    Being street smart does not come overnight. It comes based on the attitude and the chances the youth get by interacting and leading lives. One adapts quickly to the situations and improve themselves.

    With regards graduate education and after that, as parents, we should guide our children and not provide everything they want and need, money, vehicles, contacts, accommodation etc. We should always remember to help our children but not overprotect them that they become dependent on help always.

    From a young age, we should encourage them to be independent, fend for themselves in school, allow them to sort their petty quarrels, open a bank account, take them along to offices, paying school fees, public transport etc. Over a few years, they would learn things by themselves.

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    Let not anyone of those in any boundation but & instead let them be free in their own areas of interest. Often we are involved in a task or a job which is not of any interest so the life just goes on & gets end up one day. On the other hand if we are put into a task or a job profile that is of interest for us then the outcome would be completely different.

    For instance, If I wanted to be into sports but instead I would be asked to write about the current politics then the job would certainly be of not that quality which could have been if the right person was asked to complete the job.

    Its not about one area or a one person but to any extent & for all times. We got still the areas wherein much works needs to do & we need to look out for the right persons for those or else the same gets end up without a start.

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