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    Some novel explanations

    *Those whom we make laugh during our life time only will cry on our death.
    **Those whom we make cry or worry during our life time only laugh or feel happy on our departure.
    ***Faith:The whole villagers pray before God for rain.One main stands there with umbrella.
    *Trust:When a father throw his child up and catch,the child laughs without fear
    *Hope:Our action of putting alarm in time piece or mobile in the night without the thought of our life on the next morning.
    *Confidence:Though we know pretty well that no happenings are in our hand, we are planning.
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    Good. A human being should always have confidence in him and he should always have trust and faith in others. Even though we know that the outcome is not in our hands we should always try and do our best to get the desired results. A good post by the author.
    always confident

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    There are two different kinds of people. One who believe in the destiny & in contrast we having the other one believe in creating the destiny.

    So accordingly we have different kinds of views also. Like one person put into words about his experience & in the same manner another person brief the same experience but this time the ways & the words are different. And on depending upon the quality & kind of words will lead this to get remembered for ever or die at once.

    But whatsoever, beautiful words.

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