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    What Hasan Ali did is not a rogue act-it is an indecent act

    What Hasan Ali, the Pakistani cricketer, did at Wagah is not a rogue act. He did an indecent act. He did it under the Pakistani flag which is sacred to the Pakistanis. Just now I heard a video interview where a BSF official says that regularly Pakistanis come to parade arena and commit various indecent acts under the Pakistani flag. And Pakistanis enjoy such act which can easily be understood by their enthusiastic support to such acts in various social media. Pakistani Rangers also do not stop such acts. They do it under their sacred National Flag. On the other hand, Indians are not allowed in the area where the parade takes place. Indian spectators remain behind the parade area or the gate.

    So, I called them indecent Pakistanis. I am completely logical. But I want to know the logic of deduction of ten points. Can any Editor explain it with logic?

    As usual, the main thread raised by Mr. Mohan is now locked. So, I have to raise this thread.
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    True, he did it and the back support were from Pakistani Ranger. You said nothing wrong Partha nor your opinion was based on "religion" as it has been thought by concern editor. First of all, when we are representing our country and saying our opinion, bringing religion into the matter only show immature mindset. There was no need to bring religion when we are talking as an Indian and voicing out our concern for our neighbouring country. Its high time for Editor to look into the matter if they are doing is correct or just to punish someone because of enmity.

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    Mr. Jeet Singh: I simply haven't understood where is religion in the thread of Mr. Mohan. I read the locked thread again and again and find that only one Member (who happens to be a ZLead Editor) has mentioned 'religion'. All other responses dealt with the rogue/indecent act of Hasan Ali. This proves that who is paranoid about religion.

    But here I also want to discuss about the logic behind deduction of ten points. When Mr. Mohan can say Pakistanis are rogue, why can't I say Pakistanis are indecent (my response has been deleted and I have been awarded minus ten points)? Where is religion here? Where is indecency in my deleted comment?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Pakistan has been provoking India in many ways and now they have engaged cricket players to show their cheap gimmicks so that their design to malign India would be fast and known the world over. What I feel that by doing so, the Pakistan Cricketers and Pakistan has lost face in the public in their own country and in International arena. Now no country should play cricket with Pakistan citing insult to India. If India backs out from International competition where Pakistan is also a team, then pressure would mount on other countries to quit. And cricket without India and Pakistan in waste.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No, Mr. Mohan. Pakistanis cheered the indecent act of Hasan Ali. So, I called the Pakistanis indecent.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, the main problem is till such Editor is out from Forum, the forum looks peaceful as soon as he enter his biased action keep coming for the member whose opinion did not match with him.

    Exactly! if "rough" is allowed, why "indecent" got minus point?

    Recently in LE recognition thread by ME, I have posted my opinion that the Forum need some change and after this action, I feel what I had posted in that response was not wrong.

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    In my school, once I had the misfortune to remain in the bad book of a teacher. It was a terrible experience for two long years. But now that experience proves to be helpful to deal with the present situation.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The Wagah border ceremony has been going on for years between India and Pakistan. I personally feel this is fantastic display of apparent aggression is the respect we have and we should have among neighbors at international borders. Through times thick and thin we have been having this ceremony, so, lets continue it.

    At any international platform wherein two countries are in the limelight, there would be few trouble makers or people without maturity and understanding who will stand out like a sore thumb. At such times, the country that stands apart is the one that shows maturity, behaves with responsibility and does not indulge in minor acts of embarrassment like this.

    In this occasion, India stands apart in the eyes of the international community. Those who see the videos can come to this conclusion easily.

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    What I must say is - It is the most indecent, indisciplined and rogue act of a civilian in a military area which conduct with uppermost discipline and decency. There is nothing wrong with Partha who said the fact.

    Now I would say - It is the indecent act of the Editor who deleted the response and awarded - 10 points to Partha. ISC should pull up the concerned Editor, I recommend.

    No life without Sun

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    When one does his/her work keeping revenge thoughts on their heart and mind, such action often happened. Its nothing new in ISC. Moreover, their is no control over such biased actions. They can call any member's act as "shameful", they can call anyone "illiterate" but seldom they try to look into mirror what they do is not the same? It looks as if their is no authority over the action of an editor. More than controlling a member or suspending him/her, now the time has come that Authority person in ISC look seriously into it if the concern Editor doing his work genuinely or just wants to set his personal score over some particular member.

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