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    Do we have any gate between India and Bangaladesh, India and China and conduct parade like in Wagah?

    We have a border gate between India and Pakistan at Wagah and conduct flag hoisting and lowering ceremony in a respectable manner. Where do we have gates between India and Bangaladesh, India and China, and do we conduct such ceremony there in the same manner?

    Let us update ourselves.
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    I do not think we have a gate between India and Nepal, India and Bangladesh and India and China. All these nations are guarded by Fence and the BSF jawans are posted all along to safeguard our country. Even train goes up to Bangaladesh border and passengers has to interchange.
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    Similar gates exist at Benapol-Petrapol (India-West Bengal) border and Akaura-Feni border in Tripura. Regular parades take place between BSF and BDR. You can see the Youtube video.
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    I came to know about this gates through the post of Partha only. I will try to locate the Videos and see them on youtube. Thanks for the information.
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    If it is so, why they are not prominent like the Wagah border? Why they are not popular? Why there is no border gate between India and China?

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    Thanks for the information provided by Partha about other Important International gates abetting our country. Why they are not popular and not in news because, we do not have strained relations with those countries and only with Pakistan we have hostilities and that is escalating.
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    India shares it's borders with '7' countries. There would be gates at most international borders where a particular place, village or town straddles both countries. We share our borders with Nepal and Myanmar also. Most of these have a gate or an arch marking the end of limit or a friendship gate.

    If you see the images, it says Indo-Nepal friendship or Welcome etc. Most of these have a crucial road that links both places, for example at Nampong, Arunachal Pradesh, there is a signpost 'welcome to India-Myanmar friendship road'.

    Waga-Attari parade is a daily event. I checked for some information regarding others but could not find any similar ceremonies, doesn't look like it's a daily affair. Mr.Partha, Does the BDR or BGB do it daily?

    Interesting a similar one was being planned in Gujarat as an Indo-Pak border viewing point near Suigam, Banaskantha district, I don't know whether it is actually open.

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