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    Spendthrift for self but misers for others

    I have seen many well to do people spend a lot of money on their personal comforts and enjoyment like buying expensive things, eating outside, enjoying outings in high-class resorts, buying expensive cars etc. But when it comes to spending on others like charity, entertaining their guests or helping a friend or relative in need they shy away from it. At this time they start doing all sorts of calculations related to money. They will spend Rs 500 on eating a pizza or Rs 50000 on an outing but when times come to spend something on others they even hesitate to shell out Rs 100. Of course, there are people who generously help and spend money on others but this ratio is poor nowadays.

    What is responsible for this attitude in some people? It is basically "My money, my wish, my comforts" kind of thinking. It is true that everyone works hard to earn money, to make life easy and comfortable for themselves and their family members. So it is their right to spend their money on self and how much they like without having to answer anybody.

    But can such selfish and self-centered attitude be justified? Such people should realize that if good has made them self-sufficient than for humanity they should not hesitate in spending money for others, be it helping friends and relatives in need, donating to the poor or spending on entertaining their guests. It may even be a small amount compared to what they spend on themselves, the ratio does not matter. All that matters is the mindset to help and spend on others as they do for themselves. It is said that it really requires a big heart for a person to be able to spend on others and is not at all related to being rich or poor.

    A person who is rich at heart is a truly rich person.
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    What I have seen and experienced that those who earn money with hard work and the money has been consistent and even more due to his extra effort, he tends to enjoy a bit more by having his choicest food, maintaining status in the society, having good dress and above all leading a contented life and at the same time take care of the family but not that extent. Sometimes this is done for the family members to realize that earning is difficult and those who earn has the edge over others and those who do not earn cannot equate and seek things which are costly and not required right now.
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    The people are more selfish. They can spend as much as they want but they can't help others even in a small way. When we go to a restaurant we will never bother to offer even Rs.100/- as a tip but for a beggar who is sitting just in front of the hotel, we will not even give
    These days people are getting more money in the form of salaries and scope for earning is increased. Proportionately people are spending money also. That is how they enjoy their life. But the same people are not willing to take care of their parents also.
    It is also good if the people spend a little for the social cause and for the pure then the people who are suffering will feel very happy. Their happiness will give us much better future.

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    Before criticizing the people who would fit into the title, we should reflect on ourselves and see what we do. Most of us would spend (not spend thrifts) for self and family and be miserly when it comes to others. When I say miserly, it would mean donating for their places of faith or favorite charity etc.

    If you look at a person who earns honestly, pays his taxes, Why should he spend money on others? Yes, we do for friends, family members and some people in need but not to all. Our dreams and our lifestyles should be realistic to what have in hand and what we can afford. There would some philanthropists who would donate a large chunk of their earnings to the welfare of others but most of us cannot do it. My personal view is having a large heart and donating huge amounts but getting entangled in dishonest ways of making/earning money is inappropriate, in such circumstances, spending for self but misers for other and not cheating people or the system is far better.

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