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    As you are growing up, do you have plan to write your own biography which was so challenging ?

    Each one of us are having some great qualities and character for which we are recognized in the home. in the society and even on social media. And over the passage of time we do come across some success and many failures and also successfully gone through the cross roads in life and thus we are capable of remembering our own past and can pen down the journey with destiny on our own. Have you ever thought of writing a biography of your own ? It may not be a self boasting attempt, but a road map to others on how to tackle issues and get going !
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    You have put the idea into my head now.
    In fact even my short autobiographical narrations do not get listeners from my own son or other young members in my family.. So, I am worried, how can I get readers if I write my autobiography. Hence I am no going for any misadventure.

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    Mr. Mohan has come with a thought provoking idea. Most of us have lived here for years, many of us are in the second half of our life. The experiences we had would be different. However, certain experiences might be interesting and worth emulating. Only the person concerned can reproduce the happenings in the genuine form.
    For this it will be ideal to note down the major incidences by the person himself/herself. No doubt that some of them might be useful for some readers. The way in which one had faced certain problems in life and the solutions adapted would be, perhaps, useful for others.
    No doubt that there will be positive and negative incidences in one's life. Both must be covered in writing.
    Personally, I have already started an attempt to scribble down my memories. Actually several stages or incidences have already been put in black and white. First two chapters are more or less over. The materials for the remaining chapters are randomly written, to be consolidated later.

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    I believe this thread is meant for the elders. But really a great thought Mohan sir. I have somehow developed a habit little bit in me to write every day of mine. But I am not able to do it daily. I call it "Me-myself-discussion". But it would be so amazing to have a write up that describes your life journey. Since all of us come up with wonderful experiences in life.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Who will read, enjoy, understand and follow your own biography or my own biography. In this busy world, even our own family members won't have time to go through your and my biography. It would be an useless attempt except for self satisfaction. I feel so.

    @ Copied and pasted from the other thread with the same title.

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    Since long I am planning to write about it. But yes, some day I will definitely write about my biography. Like every normal person, my life has too so many ups and down, the difficult situation and my "never say die attitude" which perfectly match with my name "Jeet". I would not care much about who will read and whether it will be liked by readers or not. But, I would surely write my own experience of life someday.

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    I think that it's a good idea to have written down your own experience in your own way. If we keep in our mind that even bigger things start with a single step so with this we will be able to get someday that this has proven the motivation for someone else based at far away location then your location.

    As in the current forum we discuss the things & come to know the facts shared by others. For each one of us the experiences are different & accordingly the submissions makes an impressions on us. Often the submissions are repeated in some way but many are new to this forum. Few of the submissions are also lead to the winning of points as well as bucks.

    So in appreciation, I would like the fellow members to initiate the step & keep adding in the coming days. Let's start & who knows you will be remembered for ever with this smallest work.

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    If we write an autobiography, it should be published as a book for others to read and understand our life's experience, joy and difficulties faced etc. Can a simple and ordinary ISC member be able to publish a book in good number. If at all we publish a book, who will buy it and read it? They may ask who is this Venki/ Sun/Mohan/Jeet/Sankaran/Pooja/ Ved Prakash? What is s/he? Where is s/he? and many more questions. Yes. We can write an article and post it in the article section about our life from our birth till we live on this good earth. At least the ISC's known members will go through it and know Venki/Sun/Mohan/Jeet/Sankaran/Pooja/VedPrakash.
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    In general terms most humans fight their own battles and succeed in life, so have it easy, some very challenging. A biography evokes memories of an extraordinary person who has achieved what the average person cannot achieve. An unique lifetime of experiences that one would read and take a leaf out of it.

    The problem is how to decide we have done very well in life in adverse circumstances that many people can't even imagine.

    In short, the person and his/her life should be worthy of being written down as a biography or autobiography. The life of our freedom fighters, the legendary Milkha Singh, in current time Mr.Sundar Pichai etc, there would be many examples. These books would be willingly published and widely read.

    In reality, there would be certain phases in most people's life that would be worth sharing, this can be authored in a simple language and made available on-line or in print media. These specific scenarios that were dealt by would be accessed by people in need. For instance, there are small books and online diaries available of cancer survivors, raising a child with autism or a challenged child in an equally challenging environment, how to survive an ordeal wherein death was inevitable, a modest rags to riches story etc.

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    What are our achievements and how we achieved it in adverse conditions so on and so forth can be written in our autobiography? But we should be of such great character where we made impossible to possible then people may try to read and understand. But an ordinary many writing his autobiography and getting it printed is futile. Even our own family members may not read this.
    So it is better to keep writing our own ways and means of life in a book as and when you get a chance and keeping with you will refer in future if you met with a similar situation.You need not get it printed but the same book can be handed over to your children so that they may go through if they feel that will help them,
    About my success in my career, a newspaper in the Telugu language published about 7 years back and Silicon India also had an interview with me and published the same. The newspaper cutting was laminated by my assistants and presented it to me and it will be in my house with me.

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    It is not important to write an autobiography. And it is more difficult to accept the truth in an autobiography. I have read the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi and he accepted that he had smoked, had eaten meat, etc. Have we dare to accept such things in our life? No, I cannot do that. If I am going to write an autobiography then I will write in a true spirit which is not possible to me. There are many events which cannot be accepted in front of the mass or public. It is very hard to accept the truth. So, I am not going to write my autobiography. And if I write who will read it? I am not a famous person to whom people want to read.
    But it is a good idea and people can write if they want and can publish and also upload on their own blog. Maybe possible that in future their next generation wants to read this autobiography.

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    Human life is full of ups and downs and there are good times as well as times full of struggle and fight. There are challenges and problems and there are celebrations after the success or victory.

    If one writes it in chronological order it becomes a biography. Now the quality of this biography will depend upon the creative and language command of a person who is authoring it. If it turns out to be a masterpiece in the literary sense, people will like to read it. If it is a mediocre attempt, it will be left unnoticed.

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