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    Ideology vs Self-preservation

    We all have seen leaders and parties come up in the nation with core principles and ideologies. It is their life-line and what they stand for. Be it service for the poor, care of senior citizens, supporting rural economy, empowering the backward class.

    All this is nice to hear in meetings and in the party manifesto. When it comes to the crunch time of the nominations for elections, contesting the elections and after winning it, some leaders change their stance when least expected.

    With the Karnataka elections, we have seen many people jumping parties like musical chairs because they were denied a party ticket. At some places we see a weak candidate being fielded by some parties. After the elections, to stay in power we see strange bedfellows coming together. Suddenly what the leaders and party should for in terms of Ideology becomes a case of self-preservation.

    Do you agree that when the time comes politicians can switch between Ideology and Self-preservation ? or do you feel that they have a moral obligation to stick the Ideology of the party and sacrifice themselves ?
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    Someone has rightly said that politics is the last profession for a person who was confused in his life has to choose what and pursue. Because in politics, there is no ethics, etiquette, no rules and above all one can switch sides as he sees good for him and thus ideology and self respect has no place in politics. All one wants is to continue the power game which is very much wanted for a politician who is habituated to power at the helm. So a person who has put so much service in a particular party can switch sides during elections if not given ticket. And for the party it makes much difference if a experienced person leaves the party.
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    These days politicians have no ethics. Their ultimate aim is power grabbing only. They never bother about any other issues. They will change the party for a ticket or they will contest as an independent and join the ruling party after winning the elections. A person who wants to be ethical can't survive in today's political field.
    They make so many promises and conveniently forget that after the elections. The best example for this is Modi promising special status to AP during his campaign before elections but conveniently he has changed his words after winning the elections.
    No ideology before self-preservation. How I will be in power and how I will get back my expenses during the elections is the only agenda. I have to get the benefit, my family has to get the benefit but we don't bother even the common man suffering also as whatever we have to give him has been given before the election itself.

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