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    Google ad sense has not approved

    Hi, it shows the following notification in my adsense api profile,

    "Sorry! Something is wrong. We could not get valid AdSense script from your AdSense account and hence we are using our default AdSense Ads in your content pages. It could be because you haven't completed the AdSense application process, Google did not accept your application or we may have disabled your revenue sharing for violation of our program policies. If you have completed the AdSense application process and can't get this error resolved, please contact us and we will look into it."

    I could not identify the error from my end. Please let me know what is to be done to get my google adsense application to be approved?
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    K Mohan
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    Is it compulsory to add my photo? I thought it is optional. Moreover, why should I change the email ID?
    Sri Vetri
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    Srimathi, Have you completed Google Adsense application process. The Gmail you have applied for Google Adsense should be associated with ISC. Have you associated your Google Adsense with ISC? According to the message, it seems that your Adsense account is not associated with the ISC. How did you apply for Google Adsense? The better way to apply for Google Adsense is through ISC page. Go to your dashboard and click and click manage google Adsense. Let see what you find here? Check the status of your account on Google Adsense and ISC. If you do not find any account then associate your account with ISC. Do you find ad units on the page?
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    There is a detailed process mentioned in ISC help section for applying to Google Adsense and linking it to ISC.

    Once Google approves your application then you can start the process. There is a page where you can find the status of your Google Adsense application and if it is showing rejected or pending then it means process is not complete.

    For example in my case it is showing pending for last 4-5 months. I reminded Google but it is still showing pending so I am stuck and waiting till it is approved by Google.

    Hope this helps you to some extent.

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    It is nothing do with ISC. Your application is not yet got approved by Google and that is the reason it is showing that message. In my case also it is like that only. In between once it is enabled but again disabled as the google has not approved my application so far. It is almost pending for last 5 to 6 months.
    We can't do anything except waiting for the approval of Google. Even in between reminding Google is also of no help. Waiting for their approval is the only way.

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    I suggest you to add your profile detail a bit more, so that Google team will know about your education, additional qualification and on. They need few basic details from member's for profile authentication prior to its approval.

    Photo is not necessary, it is just an added advantage while screening the AdSense application. No need to change your email ID. You can re-apply after few months if rejected by Google team.

    If the status on the ISC page is as below, then OK, no issue.

    Google status: Approved
    ISC status: Pending

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    Howcome Hafeezur Rehman can say that photo is not necessary ? While releasing the adsense cheque in future through bank, then the payment issue becomes problem.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Please don't spread myths. Hafeez is right, photo is not compulsory. First of all, what is the relationship between a check and a photo? Secondly, payments are direct in account now and not through check.

    Mohan is the last person you should ask about AdSense. You need to update us by going to and telling what message you are seeing there. Right now it looks like your application is either in Rejected or you are doing some other mistake in applying for it.
    Let's take baby steps and you tell us what do you see at the URL I have mentioned above.

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    Hi thank you all for your responses. Now I don't get that error message. Moreover, it shows that google status shows approved.
    but ISC status is pending.

    Sri Vetri
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    I have replied in your other thread about the pending status.

    Also, please do not submit multiple threads. In case you get an error message, do not assume it did not get submitted. First check under 'New Posts' or under the 'My Questions' link at the main forum page - you will likely find it has been submitted.

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