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    How do we promote honesty in public life?

    We all know that we are very much part of a very corrupt society. With every single passing day, there is increasing evidence of corruption by the political class and the Civil Servants.

    Is there any hope? Yes, there is. And we need to zero in on all those who are very good, are very honest and can do a great job by bringing about some change in the society.

    One of these officers, is a Civil Servant by name Sagayam in Tamil Nadu. He dared to take on the mighty and the corrupt who were swindling all the good sand near rivers for their own personal benefit. This involved the most corrupt politicians as well.

    Today, Mr Sagayam is a hero, and is reportedly interested in politics. The present collector of the District of Salem, in Tamil Nadu, whose name is Ms Rohini is another person who stands by honesty, takes on the corrupt and the incorrigible elements, and is now seen as a person of some merit.

    All that we need to do is to bring such people to the mainstream and with media and public support, make them do far better things. Another possible way is to educate school children who are seen to have very good values, and encourage them to take the Civil Services as a career.

    This might bring about some change. Similarly, the use of social media has now been so good that the corruption have now decreased at least one percent. We need to identify ways and means of using the social media to promote honesty and integrity in public life.

    Readers may also point out successful men and women, and point out what they have done. This will hopefully change our society, at least to some extent. We also need to debate on the details of the "how", at this present point in time, like never before, to be able to promote honesty in public life.
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    The importance of Ethics and Values in the life should be taught to the children from their early age. My grandfather used to tell many stories with a moral. Likewise, my father used to tell stories to my children the similar stories which will teach them the values in the life. How Rama Sacrificed his kingdom for upholding the words of his father will be a good teaching to understand that children should respect their parent's words. Similarly, we should practice good morals so that our children will learn from us. if this trend continues the importance of a good life and not indulging in bad habits will automatically followed by the children.
    So if we trace any good person who is not corrupt and trying to do good to the public should be protected by the citizens and their value should be respected by all and give them more encouragement so that such people will come to public life and try to help the. We all should provide security to them and encourage them to continue their good practices.

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    Be responsible for the commodities & the beings around you. But how?

    Have a helping hand for others wherever & whenever possible. Follow the instructions around you. Like wear helmet or do not use polythene bags or do not waste water or do t he needful to the needy people.

    In addition, we can also extend the same by making others to follow the above. In this way, we can increase the involvement of other individual as well. We can prove ourselves as the biggest assets by casting our vote for the suitable candidates.

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    Honesty in public life doesn't need to be promoted. It has to be embraced and practiced by the civil servants and the public alike.

    We all take moral high ground when it comes to corruption and talk mostly about the politicians and the Government officials.

    Have we ever paused and thought are we also contributing to it? Yes, we the public are still doing it feeding into the demand vs supply equation for corruption.

    People evading tax by purposefully declaring more spending or less earnings, unaccounted trade done in many establishments, asking the CA tip for breaking the rules to save money, flouting building norms to take 2-3 feet extra or add half a floor extra for more rent, 'borrowing power and water from the Government' by not reflecting it in the meter and hence not paying. Rich farm and land owners taking subsidies meant to help the poorest of the poor. Business firms balanty running their establishments by not following rules and regulations ( pubs, storage houses etc). I can go on and on but the point is, we the public are equally responsible to keep the corruption alive.

    All of us many not indulge in this practices, in the same way, there are honest Government officials, auto/cab drivers who give you small change instead of asking for more etc.

    So, to promote honesty in public life, we should practice it first. Imagine, if majority of the public (people) becoming honest, can still corruption be rampant? No, it will recede and honesty will begin to reign.

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    Though every one wants to promote honesty and want to behave with honesty but for some selfish motive and bad time people tend to be dishonest and once they loss the face they cannot regain the faith in the society.
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    To be honest oneself in public life and setting example by one's own practice is the best way to promote honesty in public life.

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    To be honest and transparent oneself in public life and setting example by one's own practice is the best way to promote honesty in public life.

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