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    Lawlessness in trains

    Very recently, I had to undertake a travel from Coimbatore city to Arakkonam near Chennai (70 kilometers ahead of Chennai Central). Since the direct trains from Coimbatore were totally full, I dared to book a berth by the Ernakulam to Patna Superfast Express.

    Till today, I regret my decision, and have decided to even put up with the hazards of bus travel to escape the nightmarish experiences.

    For purely economic reasons, hundreds of thousands of North Indian people have now settled in places like Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Salem and even in the smaller towns near these big cities. They work in small hotels, small companies manufacturing spare parts and so on.

    At every stop, at least sixty people came right inside the compartment and occupied every single bit of space between the berths and right in the main way. They did not spare the space near the toilets as well. The ticket examiner who came for checking tickets, advised me to "somehow" adjust, as he had no control on the crowd.

    Thankfully, such people allowed me and others to travel by our berths, and otherwise did not give us any trouble. But when I alighted at Arakkonam, I had to wake up twenty five minutes in advance and, with the greatest difficulty, had to strain every nerve to get out of the compartment!!. When I questioned one of the unauthorized passengers, he proudly said that he had no choice, and he and others would not disturb those who had reserved their berths. But the crowd would just not go away.

    The other compartments were no better.

    Very recently, the Indian Railways have started experimenting with the Antyodaya Express trains, with completely unreserved trains. It is high time that three such overnight trains are run between Trivandrum, Ernakulam and Coimbatore, on a daily basis, so that the lawlessness in other trains can be at least minimized. Most of them are honest, they mingle with the local population and are quite helpful too. However, they cannot be blamed, when they do not have any choice but to board the reserved compartments in express trains.

    Members may also come up with innovative ideas on how to prevent the lawlessness in trains.
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    Yes everyone is the victim of lawlessness inside the trains. Mostly the North bound trains and East bound trains are full of uneducated passengers who assert rights of birth and place to sleep even in the reserved coaches as they are in large numbers TTE and Railway police also take light of them. Only in Secunderabad, we see controlled passengers who are made to stand in queue before the train comes and only sitting passengers are allowed even inside the general compartments. Others are made to wait for next train. Such strict action or increasing the general coaches would be next best solution.
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    I found the same thing on the train between Delhi to Mumbai especially from Ratlam to Mumbai. The people who work in offices always use the express trains to go to their native places after the closing of the offices. A very good option for this problem may be possible. The government can start the new local train between these stations to reduce the load on these express trains. If some trains run between these stations which have the only general compartment, then people will not use these express train. So, in my opinion, starting new trains between these stations are the only solution. Or some general compartment between these stations may be joined for these types of people to reduce the load on express trains.
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    I think I can understand your plight as I had the same nightmare a few weeks back when I was travelling by train from Delhi to Lucknow in sleeper coach.

    The waiting list persons ( those who had manual tickets) and other ordinary ticket holders swarmed the compartments and occupied all the space on floor and side pathway.

    One of them even requested my newspaper for keeping on the floor as a floor mat so that he can spread it and lie down on it.

    Our huge population and low train fare are the main reasons behind it.

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    Initially & in the first place I object for using the words "uneducated and untrained brothers", even repeatedly by the author. If we are not maintaining the balance in choosing the proper words then I don't feel that its proper to justify ourselves either.

    I do agree that these shouldn't be the case in the reserved compartment but still we see these happening & as per the understanding & experience of the author, we got with the little choice only. The main problem is with our demography. We haven't been through the balanced growth & that's why only few of the regions are well furnished with the least facilities in order to attract mob. It's because of the political will that many of the regions have been left behind resulting in the migration.

    But this migration & the settlement in the far of location from the home town is the case of everywhere. The time I was in Mumbai, I observed the daily movement of local people occupying the berth place in the reserved compartment. We are so addicted to such phases that these doesn't seems odd or otherwise.

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    AB Sivakumar,

    Do not make objectionable statements against anybody & stop typecasting people. Read the forum posting guidelines.

    (The text has been accordingly edited.)

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Any Indian has a right to settle anywhere irrespective of economical and social reasons. We cannot state such things in an open forum. I say this because, every time an interstate issue crops up, people from other states are targetted for verbal and phsyical abuse.

    With respect to the question of trains, the same is seen in city transport buses express the inter-city ones. If you see pictures of trains in some parts of the country, people climb on the roof to travel, this would be out of no choice. At some places our public services are woefully less in comparison to the public they have to serve. This would apply to the Railways too along popular routes.

    One can take up the issue overcrowding or ticketless travel with the authorities and follow-up. But practical would be to upgrade and move on or choose another mode of transport.

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    Well, it seems only the South Indians are "educated" and well "disciplines". If this is so they must know how to pronounce others behaviours in decent way. This thread is proper example as how a South Indians think of North Indians people. True, most of the North Indians people from UP and Bihar are not well educated and works in small jobs in our different cities. But, this does not make anyone authority to say anything they want! If you are educated, do you behave like that?

    I can truly understand the problem and pain one suffer in such long distance train which happened not only "north Indian" bound train but other parts too. Yes, it may not be that much crowded as north Indian bound train but again people here too occupy reservation seats!

    Categorising people with their work or zone is what the main problem in our country. We always feel that we are the only better and such thinking or mentality will not give anyone a respected place.

    Above all, if we banned these so called "uneducated" people from their work, most of the Indian Cities will stand halt. Because the educated people feel shame to work low class job. Think about it before you utter anything disrespectful.

    Moreover, the problem arises when reservations tickets are still available even when the waiting list is cross more than 200. Why the railway provide so many tickets and why not there are more trains?

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    Stop compartmentalizing & slotting people! We are Indians.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    The main reason for these problems is lack of sufficient infrastructure to cater the needs of the people.If there are sufficient trains and reserved tickets are available these days no unauthorised person wants to get into reserved compartments. Our population is very high and travelling needs of people are increasing. But there are no proper facilities. From Warangal, many people commute to Hyderabad for their jobs. They all start in the morning, come to the station and get into a reserved compartment and reach Hyderabad. If anybody objects they simply get away from there. I don't understand why the railways can't run a train unreserved from Warangal in the morning and from Hyderabad in the evening. This planning is not done by the department.
    Like this, there may be many reasons for people to get into the trains like this. I even experienced people getting into the first class compartment and travelling with a season ticket in some areas.

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    Madam Vandana,
    Kindly delete response # 634620 too as it is much related to my deleted responses. That also speaks about North South divisions. What is the use of having a counter response when the key response has been deleted. Kindly delete it and award him No (No) minus points. Otherwise, it would be considered as injustice to Sun.

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    With due respect to Sun and my Southern co-member, what I have posted was the reflection of the responses which has come earlier to my post.

    ##634595 - "Mostly the North bound trains and East bound trains are full of uneducated passengers who assert rights of birth and place to sleep even in the reserved coaches as they are in large numbers TTE and Railway police also take light of them."

    Look at the way how it has been pronounced! As if all the bad cultured people lives in Northern part of India.

    #634597 - the response has been deleted, says enough as how things has been said.

    The Author post also has been "Edited", which say the enough fact.

    Compare to my response- #634620, Did I say any disrespectful words? Or tried to insult anyone? Or have I categorised people's behaviour zonal wise?

    Uneducated and educated people's are everywhere and so the bad and good people. Saying that only some particular zonal people are bad behaviour is something should be avoided. It can bring only hatred feeling and fight.

    Above all, I doubt the sincerity of the author ABSIVAKUMAR the way he brought out the thread. Recently in one of his thread he said - "how to stop hatred feeling towards religion" and he blamed political party for this. Here in this thread, he shows he real nature the way he came out about his feeling (the edited words by editor is enough to prove) towards different zonal people. When he can not keep out the differences of ZONE from his mind, he is talking about to end the hatred feeling towards religion? His thinking does not match with his words.

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    #634620 will not be deleted because the points made were valid. However, it was edited earlier & one sentence removed.

    Since this thread has crossed the line & become too personal, it is being locked. A guideline will be issued soon. Please adhere to it.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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