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    New Year Resolutions: Are they worth their salt, at all?

    Hundreds of thousands of people, cope up with a huge number of New year Resolutions. They range from "being very punctual" to "being very honest" to "being very kind to our wives/husbands" and so on.

    No wonder, they are breached within even the first ten days of the New Year.

    Why does this happen? It happens because we are not serious about the resolutions in the first place. Secondly, we do not give any importance to implementation at all. Most often, we are not able to come out of comfort zones and go back to our good old days.

    Thirdly, we have other peers who do not have any New Year Resolution at all. When they are fine, why should I suffer? This is the most common refrain.

    Fourthly, we have other distractions and are part of the rat race. Hence, we do not even remember our resolutions at all!!

    Whatever be the reason for any New Year Resolution not working, is it not worth it, to examine, where we go wrong? If it involves some inter-personal transactions with our life partners, the situation becomes very complex, because we often take up the "I am OK, you are not OK" life position, which is explained in some superb books on Transactional Analysis. ( considered part of the Advanced Behavioral Sciences).

    So, where do we start, and how do we go about doing anything in this direction? One of the main methods is to seek feedback. Secondly, we should note down what we do. This will help us to correct ourselves at least to some extent. Thirdly, we should learn from those who are very successful.

    For example, Mr N Chandrasekharan, the present Chairman of Tata Sons, is reportedly a workaholic, but still they find time for personal affairs. If we go through what he does, it is clear that the secret is sheer better, or even far better, Time Management.

    There is so much to learn from others. Members may please share their views and experiences.
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    What I opine that new year resolutions are thought, attempted and shared in the social media just to follow the society and in reality seldom follow the same due to their own personal constraint and reasons. And for many of new year differs as we follow our own religion new year which varies. For example every Tamilian celebrates new year on April 14th every year and therefore for us 1st Jan is immaterial. But for the sake of the society where in everyone has been induced to take a oath and new year resolution we also false prey with compulsion. That is why most of the new year resolutions are on paper and not in action.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    This attitude is mainly due to lack of sincerity and seriousness in the works what we do. Once we have some resolutions made we should see that we will fulfil those resolutions. Otherwise, there is no point in taking a resolution.Many of us take some resolutions regarding our personal life. But when the implementation of this comes we will see for some excuses to tell why we couldn't implement our resolutions. In such case why should we go for such resolutions? Nobody is forcing us to take such resolutions.It is not the question whether we take a resolution on January first, April 14th or Telugu New year day. The point year is why we fail in implementing our resolutions.
    All these days I have no separate resolutions on the new year day but I used to decide on something regarding mat career and I used to work out on the lines so that whatever I thought about my career will be accomplished during that year. I used to work very sincerely on that goal and tried to achieve and I will say that I am successful up to 95% in these decisions.

    always confident

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