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    Are Indians are more habituated to personality cult?

    A personality cult synonym in English "the tendency to admire or respect a powerful person more than they deserve" it is obviously seen in many areas like in our offices, politics, cricketers or any sportspersons and movies in Heroes. In Telugu, we call it as Vyakti Puja. While other developed countries this will not be seen much but Indians are more habituated to the personality cult. Is it one aspect that Indians backwardness.Knowledgeable member, please respond to question.
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    It is a habit in many Indians. Especially people who are from Low and Middle-class people will have this habit more. Probably the necessity of the money for their daily lives make them be like this. When a daily wage worker goes to the landlord, he will never sit or even sit also he will sit only on the floor. The landlord is not doing any favor to him. He can't do on his own. He requires somebody to help him and this man is working for him. As such why this behavior. This type of behavior is inherited from their elders.
    In the office, if you are good at your work you need not worry and you are required for them. But we have to be good with our boss otherwise our rating will not be good. This fear makes the subordinates to behave like this. I always feel we are not being helped by anyone. We are only making the company run and getting our salary. Tomorrow by any chance if you are not able to perform nobody can help you. But this fact is not understood by many people and always tries to be in the good books of the boss by appreciating him and worshiping him. Slowly this trend is changing at least in IT sector.

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    If I am not wrong then we refer this trait as "flattery".

    We usually take the opportunity to admire the person we need the most. This is simply because of the fact that in the most honest way the job can't be accomplished. Or in another way if you caught by a traffic police then at once you wake up to an idea to offer him a bribe. In the same way, this flattery we can find out anywhere.

    The place wherein we are doing our job or in different levels we come across with the fundamental idea of admiration so that the job id done without objection. We can measure the same with the level of corruption being occupied somewhere.

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    If we like a person more than the others, then our priorities and interest on the person would be great and we even probe into his every walk of life and admire the way he has lived and living. In this process Vyakthi Puja or the personality cult is developed. For example there were so many CM's for AP has come and gone, but we cannot forget the gigantic personality NTR, who came to power in just eight months ousting the Congress and even today his name is the nightmare for many parties. Such was his personality cult that people used to revere him as God because he gave break from corrupt Congress rule.
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    We are all victims of personality cult and Indians aren't alone in this. When someone does something admirable we are drawn towards them. We want to see more of them so we admire and encourage them. But this fanatism goes off head sometimes. Celebrities fail to stay humble. Fans fail to stay peaceful.
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