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    From Bullock Cart To High Speed Bullet Trains...Now What?

    Our progress has been such that since our ancient times we took thousands of years to in order to reach to the age of four wheelers. Now in less then two centuries we have been facilitated with the high speed bullet trains.

    Our country would have really struggled if the bullock cart had not been invented. All through the 40s to the 60s the bullock cart remained extremely important for the means of transportation. Although the steel body vehicle were already on road but for the common people still not affordable. The importance of bullock cart was such that owning their own personal bullock cart was every farmer's dream. We can still find the bullock cart today, though it has lost the one time glory of importance that it had.

    During the aftermath of the bullock cart, we observe different phases of fast mode of transportation. The Hindustan Ambassador ruled the roads of India for nearly six decades. Then, the only car that truly gave any competition to Ambassador was Premier Padmini from Fiat. When & after 1970's, a lot of the people in the country started undertaking cross country travel then the Indian railways comes into the picture. The Rajdhani and the Shatabdi, the fastest trains in India till now. Would be good to know that during 1853 the first train ran from Mumbai to Thane.

    During late eighties, when few got extra bucks in their pockets, that is where the Bajaj Scooter came in which could be remembered as the most extensively used two wheeler so far.

    As the roads becoming more jam packed then the Delhi Metro truly is an improvement to the latest of the smooth ride which can also be evident in other metro cities like the Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune & Ahmadabad..

    In continuation, that in another two years we will be witnessing India's first Bullet Train running from Mumbai to Ahmadabad.

    What else afterwards?
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    The development in the transportation has been personally witnessed by me. I remember my travel in a bullock cart, then in a horse cart, then a tricycle, bus, car, train and even a bullet train in China.Then different flights. I experienced all these in my life. But the happy moments I had in a bullock cart can't be forgotten. Between green fields from my place to my grand father's place around 30 KMs in a cart driven by a single Bullock is never forgettable. I travelled in a cart driven by two bullocks also.
    Yes, there is a good progress in transportation modes. The next in the offing may be travel to other planets and cultivation there. Going there, staying there for some time and coming back to our house. Some people may witness this also in near future.

    always confident

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    Now what?.......In the near future, I hope to see a helipad on top of each building/ house where we can see the mini size Helicopters resting. It will have the capacity to carry two persons only. The width, breadth and height of the helicopter would be like a three wheeler auto size only. The fuel used expected to be pure sea water only. Hope my dream will come true with the help of automobile scientists in the world.
    No life without Sun

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    Next I am seeing wide usage of robots for every purpose. Already robots are posing challenging for the human employment as they can do the work with finesse and without the tiresome or fatigue. In Chennai a hotel is already operating robots as the servers and they are doing the work unmindful of working hours, no hesitation to do extra work and above all cheerful the whole day and no leaves at all. So in future such robots would be employed in the factories and the boss need not pay the over time and the production will be more with right quantity. Such changes are going to occur.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After bullet, Magnetic trains. Then Trams would be revived. Now a semi-road or semi-air or a mixture of both in 22nd century like personal jetpacks and hoverboards would be available. Tyres and wheels would be history.
    Gravity defying vehicles will rule the troposphere.

    Or. ...none of these would ever happen. You see. discovered wheels ten thousand years ago. He didn't figure out chariots until the next 2000 years. He couldn't figure out carriages for the next 4500 years.
    It was only in last 200 years we have seen this exponential explosion of science and invention.
    In 10000 years, only the last two hundred years contribute to what we call technology today. And media had an important hand in developing technology. With media ever-growing now, our future is secure.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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