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    A mistake done in past was concealed from others. But it haunts us now and then. How to escape ?

    Yes we do some mistakes not willingly but that happens suddenly to which we have incurred a loss and that was concealed to the others and even tried to forget. But our mind wont forget such cheap mistakes from our side and the mistake haunts us in future too. No matter we mingle and play with others in normal way, the mistake has been bothering us and we go on thinking about that and thus get unnecessary health issues. Mistakes are natural. It is better to forget and forgive, or otherwise best reveal to all concerned and get satisfied that you have revealed all though on wrong side.
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    To err is human. A human being can do mistakes. Sometimes we will do this under certain unavoidable circumstances and certain without understanding the implications. Many days this mistake will be on our mind. But after a certain period of time, we may forget this. That is the greatest advantage God has given us that is forgetting and forgiving.
    Mistakes committed by others should be forgiven and mistakes done by us should be forgotten.Keeping them in mind and thinking about the same mistake is of no use. But we should not do the same mistake. It is always better to reveal our mistakes to our near and dear so that we need not worry about the mistake again and again. We should practice forgetting these mistakes and concentrate on the other issues so that we will not commit mistakes again in another place.

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    This thread deals with the conflict our inner mind goes through when we commit a mistake/sin, hide it well for everyone except us. The sense of guilt keeps reminding us of our wrong deed and fills us with sadness and remorse.

    Forgetting and moving on is not that easy because the deed is etched in our minds, revealing the wrong deed is not always possible, so, in a way, we are punished in this manner for the mistakes.

    There's a nice quote about this, Guilty conscience never sleeps, for its sole purpose is to wake people up. The only happy note related to this is that at least the person has a conscience and it cannot accept the wrong even if others are not aware of it.

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    Mistakes are bound to happen as we are humans and to err is human. But in order to sleep without the guilt of doing a mistake, we need to forgive ourselves for doing that mistake considering that it was just as a mistake and wasn't done willfully.
    But, if that mistake involves others too and had hurt them in some manner we need to seek forgiveness of those people too. Only then, our guilty conscience could be relieved of the burden of guilt.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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