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    On this World Malaria Today, what precautions you have taken to keep mosquitoes away ?

    On 25th April every year , The world malaria day is being observed and across the countries many rallies and meetings were held to control malaria and stop spreading the dreaded disease. Over the years the malaria cases in India are going up and the reason for that are stagnated drainage water, breeding ground created for mosquitoes by keeping unused tyres, keeping open pots which has water and become breeding ground for mosquitoes. What action you have taken today to keep the mosquitoes away? I shall keep close the doors and windows in the evening for few minutes and the mosquitoes wont enter the entire night.
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    The surroundings of my house will always be kept clean. No stagnation of water is allowed inside or outside the house.All waste drainage system is by underground and no open sewage system is there in our colony.
    We have mosquito mat doors for all doors and windows. They will be kept closed generally. In the evenings we will keep the doors closed so that no mosquito will enter the house. All rooms are provided with allout mosquito repellent cartridges and we have a mosquito bat also which will be used very rarely as no mosquito will be there in the house.
    Once in while our municipal corporation will arrange for spraying mosquito repellent powder in the street at that time, we will keep all our doors closed and only after 15 to 20 minutes only the doors will be opened. With these precautions, we are able to avoid the mosquitos in our house. In addition to all this, we have a mosquito net to my granddaughter as an additional precaution.

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    Malaria is a disease caused by Plasmodium and its vector is female Anopheles. This mosquito is generally reproduced in water and spread due to storage of dirty water. So, it is necessary to avoid water storage in the nearby area. We should keep the nearby area clean. Always try mosquito repellent for safety purposes.
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    Malaria and mosquito-transmitted illnesses (Dengue) are feared by many people in India.

    When it rains, the next few days see a rise in the mosquitoes and most families use the plugin liquid mosquito repellant. Around our flats, there is a regular fogging done daily in the evenings. We close down the windows and have fine-meshed sheets that are fixed to the inner side of the frame of the windows. We have the mosquito bat handy for the ones that buzz around during bedtime.

    When you get into a cab or a taxi in the evenings or early mornings, you'll soon find that mosquitoes are biting your ankles. I remember the childhood days when people used to pour a little kerosene into stagnant waters around homes. Also, we used to have the mosquito nets that are fixed to four corners, covering the cot or beds, it was tricky to quickly get into the net without leaving too much of a gap for a longer time.

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    This being summer season, with heavy sun strokes, I do not find any mosquito in my area. Also, I am staying in my newly constructed village house which is very clean. The world Malaria day has nothing to do with me. The mosquitoes don't dare to bite me. Sorry, No precaution to avoid mosquitoes.
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    Yes when the sun is hot, the mosquitoes has to die on their own, but how come they are surviving this time ?
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