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    Masqueraders of Society

    The ones who instruct everybody about right and wrong things keeps notifying others of their mistakes without looking at what they are doing.
    Aren't these people the biggest masqueraders of society moving everywhere with the banners of social work in their hands but no actual contribution to the society.
    Have you ever found such person around you?
    If yes then what were your reactions?
    Did you pay heed to their continuous blabbering about how to improve the society?
    Why do I call their instruction blabbering? because they didn't seem to do anything themselves but just keep on instructing.
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    Unfortunately in our society there are people who are more in advise but seldom practice them on their own. Such people feel that by doing so they have done some service to the society. Instead they become laughing stock in front of others and become isolated in due course. By doing instructions blabbering they seek unnecessary intrusion in others life and thus cornered by them one day or the other. I do not like people who are in no way concerned to us and start giving advise. At the most I may listen to them giving respect to the age, but not that blabbering instructions.
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    So, hypocrisy you mean. There are tons of people who "know" how to make society great but do nothing. Infact, you and I too are amongst those. We all seem to know how do things. We instruct how to.
    I think we all need to pull our socks up. Change is made only when you're a part of it.
    So lets all stop instructing and start participating.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Unfortunately, there are some people in the society who only talk, advise and try to guide others but when it comes to contributing manually, they escape from the scene. These are basically have the leadership quality and will not listen to ideas propagated by others. They in fact can not tolerate the leadership of others.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Preaching is always easy than practising. So many people advise many people regarding the methods and procedures. A bad leader says do what I say but never see what I do. But a good leader always practices and then advice.Here I remember a small story.
    Once a lady has taken her son to Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and requested him to advise her son not to eat too many sweets. Swamy talked to the boy but never mentioned anything about sweets.He requested her to bring the boy after a week. She brought her after 7 days and Swamy advised the boy not to eat many sweets. The boy heard him and stopped eating them. After 15 days the mother brought the son and thanked Swamy for his help.
    She asked Paramahamsa why he asked her to bring after one week for advising him. Then the Swamy told her that he also was eating many sweets as such he can't advise the boy. So he stopped eating and after a week he advised the boy. That is the gretness of people who have certain principles.

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    There are many people in the society who do nothing but instruct to other of doing such things. These type of people always want to lead the society. They understand themselves the great thinkers and also think that other people are the fool. I do not like to talk such type of people and ignore them.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Unfortunately we get to see the numbers of such'masqueraders' or hypocrites rising and riding. Ironically such a quality is accepted as 'successful' and get followers too.
    The people who feel uncomfortable with such hypocrites are termed as rebels , jealous or useless and sidelined cleverly by the hypocrites and coterie.

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    It is like a doctor who has a pot belly and obesity and advises the patient about the consequences of obesity and prescribes medicine to reduce weight.
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