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    And now USB enable fans on mobile to ease out sweat. That means not allowing hands to do fanning?

    The more the technology advancement, we are being greeted with new products which gives more comfort and giving less work for our hands and legs movements. For example a new product has hit the market where in with USB enabled connection , mobile small fan is fixed to the device and one can instantly get rid of scorching heat by having air. Either too we were used to ease out with natural fans made up of leaves and used to give some work to our hands as exercise to move this side and that side to get some air. Even that is now curtailed.
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    K Mohan,

    A tiny device attached to a mobile phone may give some little breeze. However, to claim it will be highly effective in India's scorching summer heat is highly questionable! We are going to sweat buckets anyway.

    Have you bought it? If not, on what basis are you stating "one can instantly get rid of scorching heat by having air."?

    You also talk about using handheld fans and about this exercise being curtailed. Well, just don't buy the new gimmicky gadget and stick to traditional cooling tools!

    (A request as per a thread suggestion I had made some months ago - please shorten the titles of your threads. They are needlessly far too lengthy & off-putting.)

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Yes, whatever Mr.Mohan has said is true, I too have seen such fan but I have not used or checked the flow of its air. So, I can not comment about it. Not only this, one can use usb cable to lit LED light too. There are so many fancy products which can be used through USB or can be connected to mobile phone. However, one very important point which I would like to mentioned here that you better not use every USB connected wire to your mobile phone. It can heavily damage you expensive phone.

    When you buy a phone more than Rs. 8k, please use genuine charger or battery. You may find cheap and attractive product but not all are good quality, connecting USB with your phone can have many bad affect to your phone. So, check it out properly, what you are attaching is quality enough to match with your phone, else you can lose your valuable mobile phone.

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    Sir, am yet to see the devise you are mentioning. However, please do note, we have a huge number of choices anyway.

    To give a simple example, do you know in that most parts of Tamil Nadu, people lock up their houses, and sleep comfortably just outside their houses on cots, just about enjoying the natural breeze and the natural environment. In fact, they end up saving a huge amount of electricity.,

    We make the iddli and dosa dough with modern mixie machines. However, in hundreds of villages, this process is still done by human input, and also, very happily. Ditto for grinding any input required for cooking.

    So, we need not worry about any consequence in this regard. It is but natural that science and technology will advance even further. But the natural alternatives will also continue to exist, and this depends hugely on a variety of mind-sets of people.

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    The pre-runner was a battery fan(or Chinese made toy fan) which I had used during journeys when my son was just a small child. He was quite uncomfortable in journeys due to heat. So we went on enquiring about a hand held fan working on batteries. At last we got it ,We were then in Mumbai. We immediately purchased two pieces. They cost about sixty or seventy rupees a piece then.

    After a few years, when I wanted for my relative, I could not get it. But later, I saw the availability of USB fans in online portals. The present one is an extension of that.

    I concur that though not very much durable, these are some conveniences and come to help us in need. Contextually I may add that we had also bought a small 4" TV working on battery, for our sun during his childhood. Unfortunately most such innovations are all coming mostly from Chinese/Korean manufacturers first.

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    I recently purchased a toy fan for my granddaughter. It will give a little breeze when we rotate the handle given. When we rotate the handle the wings of the fan will rotate and give some air. The faster you rotate, the more the breeze. This is a mechanical fan. Whenever she is unhappy, we will rotate this fan and she starts laughing. A good entertainment.
    Coming to the USB enabled fans, I have never used it. I don't know how much air it will supply and is there any way to increase and decrease the speed. However, these are good developments and technology is bringing many useful comforts to the mankind. But the original and natural appliances provided by nature can't be replaced by any of these items.

    always confident

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