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    Cultivating humility as a value

    We often carry certain things along with us, and do not understand that these can be detrimental to our own life. One of such weaknesses is our ego.

    What is an ego, really? Ego relates to the exaggerated importance that we give to ourselves. This gets reflected in various. Most often, the spoken word is as dangerous as the exhibited body language, and when this adds fuel to the fire, we have lost friends, opportunities to make a definite impression and so on. We get into our comfort zones, mostly unconscious of what is going around us.

    Humility, then is the worst casualty. We need to understand that being humble and simple, can win millions of hearts. For example, Rajnikanth, the Superstar of South Indian films, is known to be a very humble person. He can carry with grace, any situation and does not react to even the worst criticism. He never makes any personal criticism of anyone, particularly those from the film industry, or now engaged in active politics, irrespective of whatever political party that person might belong to. He gives a huge amount of respect to women as well.

    Cricketers like M S Dhoni, and Sachin Tendulkar, always praise their teams. The former never talks harsh language in any situation. He is always referred to as "Mr Cool". The latter, who is already a religion, does not make any sound about his contribution to charitable causes.

    We should learn a lot from such celebrities. Humility, when practiced, helps us to develop a big image of ourselves. Others are drawn to us as a matter of fact, and we are often sought after for advise, for help or whatever.

    Humility, also prompts even strangers to help us in times of need. There are thousands who help accident victims, visit them in hospitals and silently care for the dead. Organizations in Coimbatore city, doing this as a routine, do not ever make any publicity. In fact, it is gratifying to note that there are several volunteers from among college students who happily chip in and do their duties without the minimum fuss or publicity.

    Humility can also bring out the basic human good qualities like compassion, remaining cool even in tense times, never hurting others, and living a life that is most meaningful in terms of wider acceptance from society. Our character does undergo a massive transformation.

    Hence, let us all learn to be very humble, and cultivate this as a habit.
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    There is nothing more cooler than being humble. Being humble shrouds you in mystery and surprise your followers.
    We are all taught to be humble. But it is rather easy said than done. Imagine you achieved something you never thought of having.
    Would you be humble then ? If you can, then you are an ideal human because many can't. Spotlight has the habit of highlighting you and darkening the people behind you.
    It's too hard to be humble in the spotlight.

    Let us all hope we stay humble even when we reach the riches and accolades we never imagined we can.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    In today's world, being egoistic is the biggest disadvantage for any personality. Any person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance is a much bigger thing then others. And because of this basic reason that our moral ground has gone down to its cheapest of the level.

    We are not interested in listening to others but we always want others to listen to us. And in just the opposite case, if we are trying to be humble then we are on the way to improve the overall image or the personality of ours. This is applicable anywhere & in whatever time & for both professional & personal lives.

    In professional lives, if the leaders are humble, show respect, and ask how they can serve employees as they improve the organization, the outcomes can be outstanding. In personal lives too, this leads to more better understanding within the different family members.

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    The ego is our enemy. It will spoil us in many ways. An egoistic person always thinks that he is above all and whatever he knows is correct and others should follow him. This will make him stop learning. Once you stop learning the downfall will start. One should have self-respect but should not have an ego. We need not undersell ourselves but we should not think too high of us.
    We should be humble and we should not show off always. A humble person will care always for others and try to understand the other's point of view. then the other person will get respect towards him. This will give us the advantage to make our point clear to him and he will also try to understand in a positive way. Q person with ego can't shine much in the profession as many people may not interact with him knowing the nature.

    always confident

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    Being humble is a quality that neither can be acquired overnight nor can be seen in all. It takes a good measure of maturity and experience in life that over the years this makes a person stand out for his humility. What I've seen is, if you are humble, people tend to mistake you for a non-achiever and lack the drive to be successful in life.

    There are many such people in the real world who will be away from the media limelight. There are instances wherein the CEO of a company would be standing in the queue to get served in the cafeteria, VIPs who shun the VIP treatment. I remember about an incident related to Dr.Abdul Kalam Azad, who sent a cheque for a kitchen grinder gifted to him. He asked the company to either encash the cheque or take back the grinder. Such simple people often keep growing in stature when compared to others with plenty of ego and arrogance.

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    Being humble is a great quality and few people possess it. This requires a great deal of self-control, patience and listening abilities.

    Those who are humble get a special place and reputation in the society. During our school prayers and other puja times, we are repeatedly reminded of this great virtue but few of us can really bring in our life this great attribute.

    Knowledge is power.

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