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    A Desi Lift which works on air Compressor and can go up to two floors !

    Who says that Indians cannot design things on their own. A retired professor in Coimbatore has designed a homemade lift using a compressor which can move up to two floors carrying 200 kgs of weight or four persons. And the highlight of this desi lift is that it can even work when there is no power. The machine has been designed to work as long as air pressure in the compressor is there. Hope such innovative ideas must be welcomed and followed. And the point here to be noted that such strange innovations come from the city of Coimbatore.
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    Great to hear about the lift designed by a retired professor. Coimbatore has a rich history of being innovative, the inventor and businessman G.D.Naidu of Coimbatore was famous for his work on motors, motorcycles and radios.

    Compressed air is used in machines like forklift trucks, machines for pumping water etc. In the late 19th century in Europe, compressed air was used to shunt mail (letters) across the cities via tubes, this was known as 'pneumatic mail'.

    Hope this can be standardized and tested for regular use, if it is cost-effective and safe, homes with 2-3 floors can use it.

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    It is no wonder that such innovations emanate from the city of Coimbatore. The average person in this lovely city --the second largest in Tamil Nadu, with a population of around twenty eight lakh -- is always bothered about entrepreneurship.

    You can find many innovators here. An entrepreneur, has recently come out with sanitary pads made through some innovation, and out of paper. This is much cheaper than the other ones available in the market. Coimbatore is also home to a huge number of ancillary industries, making products for a huge number of industrial organizations, a huge number of which belong to the textile industry and auto ancillary group.

    The innovative life under discussion will soon come up for use at homes, and the cost will progressively come down, when the number of units sold increases exponentially. Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of people of Coimbatore city.

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    Please understand this. To develop air pressure in the compressor we need to have electricity. The motor has to run to fill the compressed air in the tank. Nothing will work without electricity.

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    It is good to note that a retired professor has designed a lift that will work with a compressed air. In our industry, we use compressed air for many pneumatic operations. There will be a storage tank which will be filled with air at a particular pressure from that tank air will be used for the lift to run. As long as the pressure in the tank is maintained the compressor will not start. Once the pressure comes down the compressor will start and the pressure in the tank will increase. This is how this pneumatic system works. In some case, the compressor air will directly go to the system without any middle tank.
    Indian engineers and scientists are no way less than the engineers and scientists of other countries. If proper encouragement and infrastructure are available then can do wonders and they are second to none in this aspect.

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