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    About Lawlessness in trains

    My input on the above subject has apparently hurt some sentiments.

    I deeply apologize for the same. Am sorry if had done some typecasting. This was never my intention anyway.

    Am once again sorry.

    In fact, when I engaged in some conversation with those passengers, some of whom knew a good amount of Tamil as well ( I know Hindi to some extent, and can converse in that language), it was they who said that they are uneducated and untrained, for purely economic reasons. In fact, they were so happy working wherever they were working, and did share one good thing about their jobs -- the employers gave them salary and free food, though not in every case.

    I had myself suggested that the Railways run the Antodaya type of trains, that have all unreserved compartments.

    Mr Jeet Singh, am sorry if I had hurt you or anyone else. You had also referred to another input of mine, regarding hurting religious sentiments of minorities.

    Well, Sir, am not too sure that you are aware of what is going on in Tamil Nadu. Am deeply concerned. You know, some statues of the late rationalist leader called Periyar were destroyed recently, after some hate speeches by one particular leader of that party. I do not want to mention any name here.

    Similarly, the other elements in the same party, are out to create some disturbance or the other. I do not accept extremist views of people belonging to other minorities. However, what is going on in a brazen manner needs to be criticized or at least discussed in public.

    Another member has also referred to the number of churches damaged. At least ten churches were damaged in different parts of Tamil Nadu, in the past seven years.

    Am extremely sorry for everything. Am new to this forum and do respect every sentiment expressed. Thank you so much.
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    It is good that you have understood the mistake committed and expressed your sorry for that. the problems in reserved compartments are correct and many people noticed that. But nobody can help this. The only way is to improve the infrastructure and see that there will be more trains to cater the needs of the passengers. I wish you all the best and continue your good work.
    always confident

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    AB Sivakumar,

    A sincere apology is always a nice gesture. Thank you. Sometimes interpretations of what is put in the text push away the real, good intention of a thread. Due to that, misunderstandings arose about your views. We look forward to continued healthy forum interactions with you.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Vandana Madam, so nice of you. I shall deem it my duty to be very careful. You would have noticed this in my new inputs as well.

    Whatever I have seen, have experienced as a HR professional for over thirty years, I wish to contribute in some form or the other. I do have some experience of having published over 400 articles most of which have appeared in The Hindu Businessline, published from Chennai.

    I shall respect every single opinion expressed by every single Member, and shall respond in cases, where I am sure I know the answers or part of the answers. Am not a technical person, and will keep away from such topics, as I do not know much about any technology, let alone IT.

    Thanks a million Madam.

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    Mr. ABSIVAKUMAR, had you posted little earlier what you are posting now, it would not have created such atmosphere, you had started and the other members followed you, it would have been better had you jumped at that point of time and stopped your co-member from Southern part, however, you were kept silent till I opened up.

    I have worked in Chennai more than 6 years and stayed there, lived their interacted with such beautiful and nice people. And, I have no hesitation to say that Chennai is my second home. If ever I get chance, I would love to live there rest of my life, such powerful connection I have for the city. Moreover, I owe to south and south people a lot because I have learnt and got so much in my life. But, that does not mean that I will allow anyone to throw mud at me. You be good at people, they will do more than what you will expect.

    As far as you talking about political parties, I feel more then political party we people are to be blamed. Like how you come up with your "train thread", it only gave us the negative feeling, here no political party has involved. It the same way I feel for the religion matter, if we people stay connected and help each other instead of complaining others, thing will be definitely change.

    I must say again that good and bad people are every where and so are educated and uneducated. An uneducated people does not mean he does not know to behave in practical life. And who we are to look down upon to them?

    However, it is really good that you come up and clear your stand. Thanks for that.

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