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    The Season Of Fast Food Now Available 24*7.

    According to Ayurveda if we do not follow the proper rules of cooking & eating then the consumption of eatables can lead to the generation of undigested food material or toxins and the absorption of these further be a detrimental to our overall health and well being. According to modern science & from an Ayurvedic perspective too, that these is considered to be the root cause of most and nearly all diseases.

    Due to our fast lives we having lesser times that most often we are depending upon the packaged foods & the packaged drinking water. It's hard to believe or to the very fact, every eatables is now available in some branded packaging. From two minutes noodles to ready to use beverages & eatables are available throughout that we even can order from online which is even 24*7. Our lifestyle has so much changed that, we can wait for the online orders but don't find enough time to cook by ourselves. It's too in contrast that our confidence in the processed foods have grown these days. During this we are interested or careful of the details on the outer covering, but never ever tried to get the status of original source without having any idea that this can be harmful for our health.

    This is important for our note that often these packaged foods comes with the preservatives which in long term wouldn't prove good in either way to our health. Why we are not interested in the facts that while opting for the packaged eatables, the processing of food can be compromised as this might be in contamination due to direct contact with physical, chemical, and biological contaminants which will add the adverse changes within our body, which in short period might be invincible but can gather impact as the time passes & by the time we come to know this, we might face the reality of being late.
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    Sir, you have hit the nail on the head. In fact, we have become so much used to fast food, which is very dangerous and very unhealthy.

    That the younger generation is also wedded to this is another problem. In fact, consumption of these fast foods by very young girls is now found out as one of the reasons as to why they attain the age of puberty, so quickly -- far more quickly than ever before.

    It is not only Ayurveda, but also Siddha medicine, that talks about the dangers of packaged food. As far as vegetables are concerned, it is far better to buy them from some organic shop, that is duly certified. We also need to develop roof gardens in our own flats and apartments, where vegetables can be easily grown, through and by organic farming. A big and encouraging awareness is now sought to be made in many quarters.

    I think we need to totally desist this kind of fast food at any cost. We need to educate our youngsters in this regard,

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    True. Fast Foods are not at all advisable. In fact, eating out itself is not advisable. As per the medical practices, good food is that which is properly cooked without any uncooked portions remaining in the food which is ready to eat.
    But these days many of us are fond of eating out and going to fast food centers.
    My elder son when he was in B.Tech went to an exhibition in Hyderabad and there he ate Pizza in a fast food center in the exhibition. He got affected with indigestion and was on bed for about a month suffering from an infection from that food. A very bad experience.
    These days many of us love eating fast food and we will eat on the roads without looking into the hygienic condition there. This habit is very bad and gives us different problems. We should try to avoid eating outside for as much as possible and if it a must we should go to a standard restaurant and eat there.

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    Rao Sir, thanks for pointing out the dangers of eating out as well. We have a huge problem on hand. The youngsters do not listen to any advise, as this present generation thinks that they are far beyond such advise.

    One wise strategy is to take them to our native places off and on, and get them to eat the most traditional recipes that were ( and always are) so healthy, simple and good to eat. The youngsters will learn a lesson or two in the process.

    The real culprit in this regard is the huge amount of data readily available on the internet and the variety of foods available. It is alright if they stick to the traditional preparations. But most of what is eaten is junk food, with a huge cholesterol content.

    Very recently, some little awareness has started spreading about organic food and other herbal preparations, the raw materials for which are not available at many metros and in many locations. One can try them out and get the younger generation to eat that, even as we mix them with the traditional preparations. For example, in some quarters, they are trying out variations of pudina, as dosa, by mixing it with the dosa dough. In fact, the dosa is now a national dish. If this message spreads, it will be good for all.

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    Though we all know the demerits and ill effects of using fast food , but due to time constraints, we do accept those foods and thus putting even our children in danger. Nothing suits like homely food and the taste also differs.
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    There is an apparent lack of time these days in many people's lives. The ease of ordering fast food or junk food, the free delivery, the discount offers all put together make fast food takeaways difficult to resist.
    It is common in many homes for 2-3 meals to be ordered fast food instead of cooking to various preferences and other work to be done on some days.
    Though most of us know the adverse effects of fast food, eating it regularly have become unavoidable due to its appeal and easy access at our fingertips in our mobiles.
    Many children and adults are fond of these tasty fast food and don't hesitate eating it for lunch, snacks or dinner. At least we get regular videos on social media that highlight all the unhealthy and dangerous things that go into fast foods.

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    All God created food including fast food are good for health. Nothing will be harmful to our body. What is important is the way and style of eating . We should never try and eat fast food fastly, or hastily or hurriedly but eat it slowly and steadily giving enough time to chew to get the food digested easily and properly .
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