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    In India do all parts or areas have same seasons?

    As I heard in India we do have different seasons.At present we have summer season now some parts of India its winter and some parts it is the rainy season is it true that some parts of India do not have same seasons which is there almost all parts of India whereas hill areas of India it will be different from other places.If it is true, Why do we have different seasons within India?Knowledgeable persons, please respond to the question.
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    Although the overall weather impact is based on the development of high pressure areas & low pressure areas. So due to this we can observe the movement of air. The bigger the difference is the intensive the movement of air would be.

    In India we having four different seasons & this remains through out Indian subcontinent. But the impact of the changing season would be depending upon the type of climate that any particular region is having. So with this, the cold season wouldn't be felt if the routine climate is warm or hot. The example would be of desert areas. Likewise, we got the areas wherein the impact of the season can't be clearly withdrawn. The coastal areas doesn't have too hot or too cold while in the plane region we can feel the both.

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    All over India, the seasons will be same. But their impact may vary from place to place based on the geographical condition around. The weather depends on the height of the place from the seashore and also the soil type and humidity percentage in the air.If it is a desert the summer will be very severe and the rainy season and winter season also will not have much difference. temperatures will be high only. In the places where the sea is very near, you will feel the coolness in the evenings in hot summer also whereas in other areas the summer will be severe till night also. Even at 8 PM, we will fell the heat with a very hot breeze in these places.So the temperature and weather conditions may vary from place to place in India but seasons will be same all over India. When I was in Vizag from 5 PM I used to feel very happy even in hot summer with a cool breeze. but in Hyderabad, the heat will not reduce and it will be hoy late in the evenings also.
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    No, all parts or areas of India do not have same seasons. India including Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is called a subcontinent due to different varieties of plants, animals, climate, seasons, etc. In India, the seasons are different in northern India and southern India. You can see that there is summer season and very hot climate in southern India but it is very cold in Kashmir. The climate of Mumbai is different from both of these due to the presence of the sea. Seasons and climate are affected by many factors like latitude, longitude, mountains, seas, etc.
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    I think there are lots of difference between state to state as far as climatic conditions are concerned. I was in Delhi for five years and found that six months are of heat and six months are of cold and seldom we find rain. In Telangana we have four seasons and that would occur in time. In Tamil Nadu too the winter sets in late and even the summer starts late and also take time end the summer. But in Telangana we do get the monsoon by the second week of June and that is for sure.
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    In Hill areas like Meghalaya is a rainy season as far as my best of Knowledge.
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    Yes Cherapunji is the place where the whole year it would be raining and that cannot be stopped too by the nature. Such places are rare in the world and that it why they are famous.
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    India is a monsoon country. The seasons here are because of winds. South West and North East winds give India rainy and winter seasons. Kerala receives the monsoon first she then the south west wind circulates throughout the India. But India is too huge for all the states to experience the monsoon. Aravalli hills in Rajasthan stop the winds and send them east. So the west of Rajastan is a rain shadow region. Tamilnadu gets rains in the end of October because of North east winds when the whole India experiences winter. North eastern frontier falls in tropical region having an entirely different biosphere all together. Tropical forests get rain for 6 months an year. Actually western ghats too have places where moisture quickly becomes precipitation and rains.

    These are few examples of how climate and seasons change with winds in India.

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