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    Need help for learning new language


    I have to submit my project in Sanskrit,  Though I am new Sanskrit learning.

    I have started learning the Sanskrit language from this site. Though I need more understanding of this language through videos.

    Does anyone have any idea about how to start speaking in Sanskrit with their correct pronunciation?

    Very few days are remaining for my project submission. Need urgent help.

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    There are two important books of Sanskrit language. The first one is known as Sabdamanjari. A simple book which gives all types of names and how to use them in various contests. It is a small book and you can easily understand this book. The second book is Amarakosam. This gives the various names for the same object. For example, if you want what are all the words for hill, that book will give. It takes some time for you to complete this book. Once you finish these two books your vocabulary and grammar in Sanskrit will get improved. Otherwise, if you know any teacher who is good at Sanskrit you can contact him for tuition. You can learn from him and you can start talking to him in Sanskrit which will give thrust to your learning. I think there is a simple book which says Sanskrit in 30 days. I have never read that and don't know how far it is useful for us to learn Sanskrit.
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    Please take tuition from a Sanskrit scholars attached to any college and they will surely make you learn this language within two months flat.
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    I will suggest you should not learn the Sanskrit language on the internet. You must hire a good teacher and learn from him. There are many things to learn. If you will hire a good Sanskrit teacher you would be able to learn fast and be perfect in the Sanskrit language. It is not difficult to learn the Sanskrit language. You can use the internet for practice purposes. If you hire a teacher he would be able to correct your mistakes and it would be a better option for you.
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    Why don't you join the classes & start learning.

    I don't feel that internet resources can be useful as these can only allow you to get only elementary knowledge & not even the basic one. You can also join the Gayatri Parivar or the Arya Samaj, wherein you can listen to the shlokas with the meanings.

    It's good to implement as well or else you will be into doubt of your confidence.

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