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    Does sympathy work in job market?

    Unemployment and layoffs have become a burning problem nowadays and it has become common to see people appearing for job interviews from company to company hoping that they would get a job. We all know that process of hiring and interview is all based on competency of the candidate and how it matches to the employer's requirement for the role. If a candidate is able to satisfy the hiring manager in this regard then he is hired.

    But what if a candidate does not have completely matching skills for the job and he is not able to justify in the interview? Obviously, he would be rejected. Sometimes the candidates appearing for the interview may urgently need a job and maybe in a bad financial situation to support himself and his family. I have seen sometimes candidates who are not able to clear the interview pleading the interviewer about their urgency to get a job and requesting them to give a thought from the sympathetic and human point of view. But this does not work I feel.

    Now imagine that you are in a position of the senior hiring manager and you have such a candidate in front of you who has not been able to do well during the interview. This candidate then requests you to consider hiring him on humanitarian grounds. Now my question to the members is that would you bow down to sympathy and offer a job to this candidate on humanitarian and sympathetic grounds?

    If you go with it then you may also be answerable to your higher authorities if the candidate turns out to be a nonperformer later. On the other hand, you may also feel that giving a job to a needy will be a good human act. But is the candidate speaking the truth about his situation will be another question?

    So is there any place for sympathy in the professional world? How you will react and what will be your decision as a hiring manager in this situation?
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    Unfortunately no company is in the position to offer jobs just like that. They want inclusive performance from the candidates and to that extent they are ready to go for freshers too but with a bond that they serve with them after training is over. And if the candidates are not understanding this , they are the losers. Candidates take light of the training and feel that they have learned many things. But keeping the company boss in good humour and having good relations with the co employees are also important to get a job and continue.
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    As far as I am concerned in any private company nothing will work out except your skill and suitability. If you have the required qualifications and all the skills required you will be in a strong position to demand the emoluments. The organisation will never hesitate to offer you a little more if they feel you are the most deserving candidate.
    If we take people out of sympathy it will become difficult to the task manager to fulfil the obligation and complete his goal. So I think nobody will yield to this sympathy. If I am in the seat of selecting, I will simply go by the merit.
    So companies take trainees and put them on training on the job in various departments and finally confirm his services after successful completion of the training. Here there is a chance we can try a little less skilled people also but they should pick up in the training. Otherwise, they will not confirm the services of the candidate.

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    Yes, sympathy works in regard to job recruitment also.
    While it is mostly on individual level by proprietors, partners as employers or as a mandatory corporate social responsibility. However the same has been made mandatory to some extent, by way of quotas and reservations like that for physically disabled, economically vulnerable, ,compassionate appointment etc.

    However sympathy also has a limit. It can be there when someone is employed out of sympathy for some reason. However the person should have some minimum eligibility to that job. Then the person can show his skill and usefulness to the job either from start itself or after some training and exposure to the job.

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    I like these type of submissions as being more practical & is applicable for all times.

    This is a common scenario that in comparison to the suitable posts, the applying candidates are much more in numbers & is never possible for all the candidates to allot with the jobs. This needs to be understood that we are living in a very competitive world wherein the actions are very much professional. The focus of any business or of any profile revolves around performance. If you doesn't perform then most probably this will result into reduction of revenue share which no one wants to bear. So in this case, the management will be looking for alternatives. And these type of decisions are taken very fast so one needs to be careful always.

    In a real life scenario the sympathy doesn't add value to your resume so its good not to make any expectations but keep continue to improve ourselves in order to meet the expectations of the interviewer. Its easy for you to get selected if you are proven resourceful or else you will be rejected.

    Take an instance that you have gone to the market for purchasing but the shopkeeper has offered you the material which is not good. Simply you will ask for another one. Same is the case everywhere. Each one of us has got limited resources & each one of us wants to make the best possible use of this. Because only this works.

    So stop being emotional & improve.

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