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    TRS all set to launch itself into a National party on its plenary.

    TRS is the regional party in Telangana which fought the agitation and won the separate state against the all odds. Now the party has completed 17 years in public and the leader KCR, who is also the chief minister of the state, want to focus on national politics and bring all non-BJP and non- Congress parties to one platform and want to have his say on that. The plenary of the party is going to focus on the issue and the spade work has already been done. Do you think a regional party can convince other big parties who want a change at the center?
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    TRS party is a party purely formed for the separation of Telangana from United Andhra Pradesh. KCR even promised to merge this party with Congress if Telangana is formed and he promised CM post to a BC Candidate also. But he has forgotten all those conveniently after formation of separate State. All the leaders of all parties know this man pretty well. So I don't think anybody will believe him and go with him. Like-minded people come together also there will be a big problem afterwards in sharing of power. So I am of the opinion that these are all waste attempts. It is very difficult to have two swords in the same cover.
    KCR wanted a coalition without BJP and Congress. I don't people like Mamata. Sarda Pawar, Deva Gowda, and similar high profile personalities can work together. If they come together also they will be spending their full time in sharing the power rather than the welfare of the country.

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