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    Honesty and politics. can they go together these days?

    These days we are observing that many of the politicians are completely immersed in personal benefits and not at all worried about the citizens and the country. All most all the parties are sailing in the same boat. How to get into the power and how to remain in it forever, This is the two-point agenda and they always strive for that. If some leaders try sincerely for the country, they will be shown their way out from politics. No honest man can survive in the politics these days, I feel. There is no chance for honesty and politics can go together. Still, I wonder how people like Lal Bahadur Sastry, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and other sincere leaders of yesteryears survived in this field?
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    I am still positive about honesty in politics. Many politicians would have been more honest and transparent if the public would have patience, understanding and also honest , transparent and realistic in expectations, by themselves.

    I feel many politicians have prick of conscience when they resrt to some dishonest and non-transparent ways. They do all these many times to satisfy their loyal followers, party members, media and to remain in limelight.

    In democracy,it is 'Yatha praja, thatha raja'.
    So the basic need is people should be honest and then expect and demand honesty from leaders and politicians.

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    All politicians are not dishonest. At the same time, all the bureaucrats and officials in Govt are also not dishonest.

    What comes out of above is that there are some who are dishonest. These dishonest people are hand in gloves with their gang and syphon out the money from Govt coffers in one way or other.

    This provokes other people also to follow the path and make money by corrupt practices.

    The irony is that even though these people are caught red handed they get out of the case by bribing to higher-ups and hiring the best legal brains in the country. This sets a bad example and those who are engaged in corrupt practices carry on their business fearlessly.

    No one is honest by birth. It is the fear of rules, regulations and governance that one is afraid of committing a crime. Until unless there is severe punishment and public humiliation these corrupt people whether they are in politics or public offices will not reform themselves.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Honesty in politics ? No way. Those who bluff, those who promises and wont keep up, those who do wrong things and yet try to prove that right, and those who are the trouble makers to the good people are wanted in politics and even the so called refined persons who joined the politics and bound to change and thus we cannot expect honesty to the core in politics. By the way people also wont believe honest politicians. For example I thought we had a honest politician in Arvind Kejriwal. But he also proved to be the politician of general lot. So it is has become difficult to get a honest politician.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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