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    Democracy or communism?

    I have heard many people uttering that democracy is not a good system as there is a lot of freedom and people misuse it. For any Govt, it is a tough task to maintain law and order and good governance in the democratic set-up as the opposition can create embarrassing issues for the ruling party.

    On the other hand, they argue that in communism though the law and order situation is managed effectively but the freedom of people is totally curtailed creating a nationwide depressive and subdued mood.

    So these two systems have their own pros and cons and it is difficult to decide which one we opt for.

    What is your opinion on this? What would you prefer - democracy or communism?
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    If one reads books on communism, we will feel that what we see in Indian communists is entirely different from the 'Communism'. In India Communists or leftists have accepted Indian Constitution and its democratic election system. But they practically use the communist principles in giving importance to economic side. That is why we feel communism is not all that bad.
    But if one really goes deep to learn about Communism ,and the way it is practised in many countries, we will be scared of it. Communism can be tolerated by people until the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing remain unfulfilled, and there seems to be a great gap and time to get it satisfied. After that people will feel that Communism is stifling and they will yearn for freedom and full democracy.

    That is why in India adopted a via media addition of word'Socialistic'. When Communism is about work and autocracy of workers, Socialism considers needs and have intentions to satisfy needs of all including workers.

    I feel lucky and blessed to be in this great country with its wider form of democracy with maximum freedom for many things. Thanks to our leaders and people of yesteryear(s) and present days. However I wish every citizen becomes voluntarily more responsible while enjoying the freedom our system gives us, and protect it and maintains it.

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    I have no doubt in saying that democracy is the best for any citizen to have a better life and he can live freely as he likes. But people should not misuse the freedom and they should respect the rules and regulations framed by the government to maintain a better society. But unfortunately, many of the people are trying to misuse the facility given and trying to get an advantage by conveniently ignoring the rules and regulations. Even the politicians and government officers who are the people framed the rules aways try to break these rules and conveniently help their people and get the advantage. That is why sometimes we feel that for a Nation like India the present system is not doing correct justice. But if see with a holistic approach definitely democracy is the best option for our country. The people should respect not only rights but also responsibilities. Then the entire system will run smooth.
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    For India democracy is best suited form of government, as we elect for the people, by the people and the government is of the people. That means total involvement of the people would decide which party would grab the power and govern. But communism on the other hand is concerned with haves and have nots. What I understand that communists and their comrades are dead against the capitalist and land lords and fully support the labor class. In democracy the successive governments have been safeguarding the interest of the labors and hence democracy is the best.
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    What do you feel about the situation when you are not free to do the things that you want to do?

    Or else you are asked to follow a certain beliefs that you don't feel good & so don't intend to practice it. Both the above scenario depicts the presence of communism. In addition & I hope that anyone wouldn't prefer to be in ransom but would keep the intentions of being free so that he can practice of what he feel suitable for.

    Our country is worth an instance of a "Democracy". India boasts of being the biggest democracy in the world with most of the religions & communities based here which is never possible anywhere else. Democracy is a boon for economy also as this instill the confidence on the investors to do more investments which will lead to its growth.

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    Let's look at the most successful governance ever. Oh wait! There's none. Communism is the peak of democracy. People fail to see that. Communism don't aim to curb the freedom of people. It aims an equal distribution of resources. A representative is a person at the end of the day and a human can only live so long. Governance depend on administrators than the ideals.
    So how are any governments different from monarchy?
    If you ask me I would say a royal Senate like that of House of Saud is the best. The Saudi Arabian royal family has been ruling over its happy populace for 200 years now. It's a modern monarchy so its easy to follow and observe.
    Saudi has seen tremendous progress under its princes. Though the abdication was quite often violent many reigns were peaceful. So far, so ideal.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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