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    Ways to make money from isc??

    Sir, i had worked with SHIKSHA.COM as campus rep. for 2years,sir can you explain how can make money with your ISC(indian study channel)and indian travel blog?
    sir,as fast as you reply i can start my earnings ,so please help me as soon as possible.
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    Hi Ashish, welcome to ISC.
    Hope this link helps you and gives answers to your query.

    ongoing awards rewards in ISC

    Consistency and quality in your contribution will lead you to earn reasonable amount from ISC.
    I wish you earn and learn more from ISC.

    Sri Vetri
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    Mr. Jha,
    You cannot make quick money through ISC. You cannot make your living through ISC earning. You may not earn to have a lunch, but you can certainly earn to have a coffee or tea.

    My suggestion to earn good: If you can write a good article in a day, you might get between Rs. 50 and 100. If you write for 30 days, you will earn between Rs.1500 and 3000 per month. In addition, you will get Revenue Share Bonus for your points earned which will be approximately Rs. 500 to 1500. So, you are sure of earning between 2000 and 4000 per month. Wish you all the best, Jha.

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    Welcome to ISC. This is a site where you can contribute in various sections and depending upon your quality of contribution and content you will be renumerated time to time some cash credits. If your contributions are of good quality you can garner awards and rewards also. As a beginner, one can earn in the range of Rs 200-500 per month only but gradually that can go up though not significantly.

    Once you reach gold level membership you will have the scope of linking your account to Google Adsense which will also add to your revenue.

    Please remember this is basically a site for learning and sharpening your creative wits. In that process, one can earn some money also.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr Ashish Kumar Jha, welcome to the best educational site of the world. As the motto says, learn to earn and earn to learn. You can contribute in the different sections of ISC and can make money. To learn more about the different sections of ISC, please read post content . After being the gold member you can apply for Google Adsense, it is also a good source of income. If you have approved Google Adsense then you can associate that account with ISC and earn some extra income.
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    Welcome to this great platform of Indiastudychannel. It is the best Indian learning portal. It gives you the facility of earning also while you learn. Before thinking about the earnings, I advise you to go through the help topics which will make you understand the platform completely. Then you can go through the various sections of the site. You can start your journey with forum section. Here try to go through the postings and try to place your views and points pertaining to that post in the responses. Then start to Ask experts and article sections also. once you start participating and you reach the Gold membership you can apply for Google Adsense also. Then you will get cash from ISC as well as Google Adsense. Go with a view to learning more than earning. Then you will get satisfied with your learnings as well as your earnings also. All the best to you.
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    Mr. Jha,
    Frankly writing. If you really wish to earn a good sum, only the Article section can help you. All other sections like forum, ask expert won't help you much to earn a good sum. They may help you to score points but not money. However, contests might help you to get few hundred rupees if you stand to win. So, think of writing good articles to make good your earning.

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    Here you have to give free time for at least two or three hours daily and you must have the interest and niche to create own articles and topics of varied interest and submit them as the articles in our resources section. Once you know how to create content and when it is approved , then your earning spree starts here. That means the more you write articles and participate as a mentor in ask experts section, by responding to various questions there, you are creating a earning opportunity for your self and that is purely through your sheer intelligence and interest to share in this channel.
    K Mohan
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    Deleted. Repeat of # 634765
    Knowledge is power.

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