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    Mahadevi Varma, the 'modern Meera' of our times.

    Only a few people leave behind their memories, whereas the majority pass away unknown. One of the famous Hindi poetess who we cherish in our memories is Mahadevi Varma. Popularly known as "Modern Meera", she was a freedom fighter, a woman's rights activist and an educationist.

    Although she was married when nine, she remained at her parental home to complete her education. While at college hostel, she started writing poems secretly, but when her room-mate discovered it, her hidden talent was exposed. Mahadevi Varma is one of the four major Hindi poets of the Chhayavaadi School of Hindi Literature. The other three are Suryakanth Tripathi "Nirala", Jaishankar Prasad and Sumitranandan Pant.

    Today when Google has remembered her by doodling her, let this famous Indian be remembered by us too at the India Study Channel.
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    It is the honour Google has given her by doodling her today. We should all feel happy that she was again remembered today by Google and through this post in ISC. Thanks to the author for his postings.She really deserves the honour of getting called as Modern Meera.
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    Great news to know about the Modern Meera of this Era Mahadevi Varma.
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    Thanks, Sukhdev Sir for sharing this important information. I came to know the first time that she is also known as Modern Meera. She was also known for her sense of humour.
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    In this modern era & the level of professionalism, we are just cut off from our cultural heritage with being not aware of the best of writers of all times. Although, we studied about those during the time we were still in our school days but our tastes have all the way changed the time we are in job or in other businesses.

    Due to not resulting into financial benefits, our resourceful culture is dying. It's a fact that we don't have any living legend with us in the mean time. And except of few stage artist we don't find anyone else around us.

    What is important is that the Google has identified her today in the image & not our government.

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    Google has been kind enough to remember those stalwarts who have been excellent in their own fields. And great to know the details about Mahadevi Verma and we have been honored to learn about her.
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