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    Shortage Created by the people only

    Nowadays we all feel that there is no money in ATMs and we have to run pillar to post to draw at least Rs.1000/- from ATMs. For this, we all feel that the government is not supplying sufficient cash. But this shortage is really because of the attitude of the people. Many People, especially in both the Telugu states, are drawing excess cash and keeping the money in the house with a fear of FRDA act. Recently in Telangana, the IT department conducted rides on some houses and found crores of rupees under the beds. mainly Rs.2000/- notes and Rs.500/- notes. This type of attitude by people is creating problems for the really in need people. But we unnecessarily criticize the government for not providing enough cash.
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    I appreciate the author for bringing the truth to us.

    For few days the common people but mainly the political parties & more exceptionally the oppositions made the huge cry of cash shortages in ATMs. If we have raised the topic then its good to see that even slightly but we want to discuss the truth & not the fiction stories created by the media houses.

    So what we got as an update is that the government is doing their job & the real cause behind this whole scene is the escalations from cheap stunts. During demonetizations, we already evident of the bundle of stocks that were floating on the river or found unattended. Although this is not difficult to get as the average & the below average population doesn't have the huge income in order to keep those in their homes. So the only focus can be the business persons or the political parties. The IT department is doing a good job & those names are required to get listed publically so that we all must be aware of those culprits.

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    Normally during the vacation time and the summer time, the people are planning for long distance travels and they need the cash for urgent requirements. Coupled with that for the past two months there has been good number of marriage days and the requirement for cash is must in marriages and functions. All these led to shortage of the cash at ATM. But the funny thing is that even the ATM attached to the banks are not having the cash and that gives the bad picture of how the banks are managing the cash crunch. They can borrow from other branches to tie down the shortage.
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    It is true. In these days, we are not finding 2000 rupee currency notes in circulation. The bank/ATM issues only 500 rupee notes. I think, all the 2000 rupee notes printed so far have been swindled and bundled up by the rich.
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    What else will the people do? It is not true that the shortage is entirely due to the public. The government is also responsible. What was the reason for the RBI and SBI to airlift the currency to the Telangana and other cash-starved States?
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